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Fate Series Caster Tamamo no Mae Figures

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“Your reliable Shrine Maiden Fox, Caster, has now arrived!”

Tamamo no Mae, sometimes referred to as Caster, is a Caster-class Servant from the Fate/Series. She is renowned for her beauty and is said to have enchanted a number of powerful men, sometimes with quite unsettling results. Most notable is her Kemonomimi appearance, with her large fluffy fox ears and tails being prominent features.

Tamamo no Mae has a goofy and cheerful personality, sometimes making her a comic-relief type. She also holds a lot of affection and devotion for her Master and aspires to be the perfect wife.

Tamamo no Mae Figures

Your foxy waifu is ready to come home thanks to the variety of Tamamo no Mae figures we currently stock. Each Tamamo no Mae figure is beautifully detailed and sculpted to bring out all of Tamamo’s charm. Tamamo is also recreated in numerous outfits, from her Blue Witchcraft Clothes to her Lancer-style outfit. Make her yours today!

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