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Archer Fate Stay Night Figures

“Servant Archer. I answer to your summon.”

The Archer Fate Stay Night Figures class is one of the seven Servant classes in the Fate/Series. These Servants are usually proficient with projectiles and more independent than other Servant classes. Two of the most well-known Archers are EMIYA and Gilgamesh.

I’ve collected all the treasures of the world...

EMIYA may look a little familiar - he’s an alternate version of Fate/Stay Night’s protagonist Shirou Emiya! EMIYA is a Heroic Spirit Archer who strives to bring miracles to the world and save lives, although his journey becomes quite complicated. On the other hand, Gilgamesh is a collector of treasures and is somewhat egotistical and arrogant. Despite this, Gilgamesh is an incredibly powerful Servant to any Master he serves.

Some of our most popular Archer figures come from manufacturers Good Smile Company and Max Factory. Our inventory includes fixed-pose and articulated Archer figures. Make sure to add this class to your collection!

Fate Series Archer