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You can shop a huge collection of Japanese collectible trading card products on the Solaris Japan website, including standard sets, expansion packs, and new releases. From Pokémon Sword and Shield packs to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Secret Shiny Box, we have all the trading cards you need to duel it out or trade with friends.

From trading cards to blockbuster movies.

Trading cards are so much more than just 2D pictures. When you play a collectible card game, you enter a world full of characters and lore. Trading cards are often a smaller part of a huge media franchise, including many other products: comics, anime series, major motion pictures, and even live-action films (like the Detective Pikachu movie!), proof of just how popular trading cards have become in recent years.

There are so many different trading cards to choose from, each set having its gameplay and story. But with so many to choose from, you're sure to find one you love! Some of the top games from Japan include:

Yu-Gi-Oh! this game began as a manga... about none other than trading cards! The story follows Yugi Mutou, a boy who hosts a gambling spirit in his body. Yugi uses his superpower spirit to play card games and solve conflicts. While the battles in real life might not be as violent as the ones in the manga, they involve just as much strategy and suspense and are perfect for TCG enthusiasts.

Pokémon, the classic cast of adorable "Pocket Monsters," was first introduced as a video game in 1996, produced by the Nintendo Company. That very same year, they released the Pokémon trading cards in Japan, bringing virtual battles to the physical realm of cards. As of 2021, Pokémon has gone on to sell over 34.1 billion cards around the world!

Dragon Ball, a beloved Japanese anime and manga franchise produced by the Bandai company, began to sell trading cards in 2008. What makes these cards extra special for fans of the franchise is that they feature exclusive artwork from all the anime! All the characters you love have feature cards, including Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan.

Since so many popular trading card franchises began in Japan, companies often launch their products following the latest trends in Japan first. Plus, many vintage card sets were never released globally. So, why not buy your cards straight from the place they began, with our stock of Japanese trading cards? On our website, you can buy trading cards no matter your country, with products shipped straight from our store to your door.

More than fun and games: individual cards are collector's items too.

Trading cards aren't just for children; they can also be high-value collectible items. The rarest trading cards have been bought at auctions for thousands of dollars. While these rare cards can be sold individually at high prices, collecting isn't just about who can bid the highest. It's also about the thrill of the chase. For collectors, there's nothing quite like the excitement when you check a new pack only to find the missing card you need to complete your collection of cards. Not to mention, there's always the chance you could find a great deal on one of those super-rare cards. And as they age, your best trading cards will increase in value, so be sure to take good care of your sets.

Why wait when you gotta catch 'em all? Check out our website today, and if you see a card set you love, don't hesitate to catch it in your pokéball. Ahem! add it to your cart.

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