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A jack-of-all-trades warrior

Saber is a bit tricky as it denotes both a Servant class and one of Fate’s most recognizable characters. The Saber class is considered by many to be the best - while not necessarily the strongest of the classes, Sabers are generally well-rounded in different combat categories. Additionally, many of them exhibit strong discipline and a knack for combat that combine for a formidable opponent.

Saber can also reference specifically to Artoria Pendragon, who was the first Saber character introduced in Fate/stay night. She is a fierce warrior who is guided by honor and loyalty; her initial appearance may make her seem cold, but underneath she is quite warm and caring.

Saber figures

The Saber figures we stock include those from manufacturers like Good Smile Company and Wave. There are a lot of different styles of Saber figures to choose from as well – fixed-pose, articulated, or Chibi are just a few of the options. Take advantage of Saber’s power and add this Servant to your collection!

Fate Series Saber