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Fate Series Astolfo Figures

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“...ermm, please take good care of me!”

Astolfo, sometimes called Rider of “Black” or just Rider, was one of Charlamagne’s paladins and an English prince. He is in constant pursuit of the pleasures of the world, which matches his optimistic albeit somewhat daft personality. His motivation is also somewhat shifty, as it mostly depends on how much he likes (or dislikes) his Master.

Perhaps one of the most striking things about Astolfo is his androgynous appearance. His Fate/Grand Order profile listed his gender as being a secret, per his request. He usually wears his bright pink hair in a long side braid and claims to dress as he does since he likes cute things.

Astolfo Fate Figures

We carry a number of different Astolfo figures, included fixed-pose figures and articulated figures. These figures feature careful painting and sculpting so as to capture Astolfo’s energy and cuteness perfectly. Make sure you add this adorable Servant to your collection!

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