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In 2020, Pokemon released the Sword and Shield Expansion set, completely revolutionizing the Pokémon trading card game!

The Sword and Shield set contains new Pokémon card types, Pokemon V and VMAX from the Galar region. These Pokemon contain even more power than ever and higher prices to match, like the legendary Zacian V, currently retailing for around 50$.

Don't worry! There are still familiar Pokémon in the Pokemon Sword and Shield set. The new Pokémon TCG set contains many little cuties like Snom, Grookey, Pikachu, and Yamper. You can also find the new Galarian forms of your favorite Pokémon, including Morpeko and Snorlax.

The Pokémon Cards You Need from the Sword and Shield Expansion Set

The Pokemon Sword and Shield set introduced tons of new pokemon cards! Many of these cards are indispensable for the dedicated Pokemon TCG player to keep their deck competitive in this new TCG Sword Shield landscape. The top cards from the set are:

  • The V and VMAX Series: these Pokemon cards enable some Pokemon, like Snorlax, to evolve into the enormous Pokémon VMAX, giving them a huge power boost!

  • Zacian V: This ultra-rare care is arguably the best card of the entire set. It has the practical ability, Intrepid Sword, which ends your turn while drawing three cards. Plus, it deals an overpowered attack that only costs three energy while dealing 230 damage!

The top Pokémon trading card game cards may be rare and prohibitively expensive, but don't worry; there are plenty of other great cards from the Pokémon TCG Sword and Shield set you can use to boost your deck:

  • Professor's Research: you'll need multiples of this incredibly useful card in your deck; it comes in handy whenever you're stuck with a bad hand, or you need more cards.

  • Ordinary Rod: It's always the worst to see your top Pokemon get knocked out of the game. So, you'll need this card to go fishing in the discard pile and catch your fallen Pokemon.

  • Metal Saucer: this card is fundamental for any metal-based deck by letting you attach a metal energy card from your discard pile to any of your benched Pokemon.

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