Condition Ratings

Rating System

Solaris Japan uses the following system to rate the condition of pre-owned items:

  • 5 Star Rating: Near mint condition with little to no signs of usage
  • 4 Star Rating: Very good condition with minor signs of usage
  • 3 Star Rating: Good condition with some signs of usage
  • 2 Star Rating: Average condition with several signs of usage or damage
  • 1 Star Rating: Very used condition with obvious signs of usage or damage

All pre-owned items come complete with accessories and in box.
Please note that any pre-order or initial release bonuses are usually not included.

DLC codes included with pre-owned games are not guaranteed to be valid.

Request Pictures

Write "send pictures" in the order notes and we will send you pictures of your item before we ship it.
If you are not happy with its condition, you do not have to take it.