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High quality, low price - that's Pop Up Parade figures!

Pop Up Parade figures have popped up here at Solaris Japan, and you'll definitely want to check out this exciting lineup from Good Smile Company. The newest addition to Good Smile's vast range of collectible figurines, Pop Up Parade is meant to deliver on providing high-quality figures at a more affordable price point than traditional scale figures. This collection features a vast selection of characters from popular anime and game series (with more still to come), so make sure to find your favorite in Pop Up Parade form!

What can I expect with Pop Up Parade?

Pop Up Parade figures feature some great quality like you've come to expect from Good Smile Company – sure, they're not as detailed or intricate as scale figures, but they are still stunning in recreating your favorite characters while faithfully bringing them to life. We've covered these figures a bit in a blog post, so make sure you check that out.

Pop Up Parade figures are also smaller than scale figures, usually measuring around 17-18cm in height (or about 6-7 inches). This means they're about the same size as a typical prize figure, which is the perfect size for any shelf or display (or even desk!). Release dates are also meant to happen quickly, about four months after pre-orders end. So, to sum up, what can you expect? An awesome figure with an even better price point, without any of the long waits – a.k.a., the perfect addition for any collector, new or experienced.

Which figures should I be checking out?

This ultimately depends on what series you like best, but there is already a huge number of characters who've joined the Pop Up Parade series. Some highlights include:

Hatsune Miku - The inaugural character to the Pop Up Parade series, Hatsune Miku's iconic teal twin tails and joyous expression are the sweetest addition to the lineup. This famous vocaloid already has multiple Pop Up Parade figures, so get the stage set for her Pop Up Parade performance!

My Hero Academia - The world needs heroes, even if they're only fighting villains from the comfort of your display case. You'll find many of My Hero's most popular characters, like Midoriya and Bakugo, in both school uniform and hero costume versions. Even villains are making their way to the Pop Up Parade series, so get your shelf ready for some serious show-downs!

NekoPara - Welcome to Patisserie La Soleil, where the cakes are sweet but the servers are sweeter! Turn your display case into your own Neko Paradise with all the different characters already available in the Pop Up Parade series.

But no matter what series you love, be it Inuyasha, KonoSuba, or BanG Dream!, you're sure to find your favorite. So have a look, take a seat, and enjoy the parade!

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