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“Why not destroy everything?”

The villains of My Hero Academia are quite fearsome, as they align their powerful Quirks for destruction and self-interest. Villains were a huge threat to society at one point, headed by the ultra-powerful All for One, whose Quirk-stealing abilities made him an unstoppable adversary. Finally, All Might proved himself to be the Symbol of Peace by overpowering the supervillain.

However, All for One’s influence does not fade as he secretly trains his successor, Tomura Shigaraki, to lead the League of Villains in the takedown of Pro Heroes and society. Many villains that join this league believe that most Pro Heroes are imposters who do not deserve such a title and are ruthless in their work, going so far as to attack high school students.

My Hero Academia villains figures

You’ll find some of the most memorable My Hero Academia villain figures at Solaris Japan, with characters like Shigaraki Tomura and Toga Himiko transforming into figurines. Despite their evil nature, these villains are perfect for posing next to some of My Hero Academia’s most memorable Heroes. Add them to your collection, and let the two sides battle it out.