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My Hero Academia Class 1-A Figures

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The most promising students of this country...

Class 1-A is the homeroom class for main character Midoriya Izuku. Comprised of 20 first-year students, Class 1-A is regarded by the other classes at U.A. High School as being quite powerful; in fact, it is one of only two homerooms for first-years training to become a Pro Hero. Considering U.A. High School’s reverence, the competition to get into this class is extremely fierce.

Midoriya’s passion and intelligence capture the admiration of his class, but his Quirk is still not up to par with those of his schoolmates. Fellow student Shoto Todoroki, for example, has both pyro- and cryokinesis, making him one of the top students of his class. Of course, Bakugo Katsuki is also a top performer in Class 1-A, although his overconfidence is off-putting for most of his classmates.

My Hero Academia Class 1-A figures

You can find a nice selection of Class 1-A figures from My Hero Academia, including characters like Todoroki Shoto, Uraraka Ochako, and Tsuyu Asui. You can find both articulated and fixed-pose figures for students from Class 1-A. Enjoy the powers and personalities of this eclectic class in their 3D forms!