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"I ask of you: are you my Master?"

Perhaps the most popular title in the Fate/ series is Fate/Grand Order – set in 2015, this mobile game has the player take on the role of Master, who is tasked with an epic mission: fight fate and prevent humanity’s extinction.

Now, you can take the battle from your mobile screen to your shelves by recruiting your own team of Fate/Grand Order figures. Our massive figure inventory includes some of the most popular Servants - like Saber, Archer, and Lancer - as well as Masters. With your Fate/Grand Order anime figures by your side, you’ll be able to change the past and restore the future in this Grand Order!

It all started with Fate/stay night

This eroge visual novel was the very beginning of the Fate/ series and documents the tale Shirou Emiya, who enters into the Holy Grail War as a Master. Fate/stay night, upon its release in 2004, was an immediate hit and has since been adapted into a manga, anime, and film series.

Numerous characters from this visual novel have been transformed into amazing figurines - from scale figures to cute Nendoroids, you’ll find all of your favorite Servants!

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