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“O Lord, I dedicate this body to you.”

Jeanne d’Arc is sometimes known simply as Ruler - after being burned at the stake, she makes her return after some irregularities startup with the Great Holy Grail War. She embarks on her investigation of these irregularities by possessing a human girl, Laeticia. Her appearance is quite similar to Saber, which even confuses Gilles at one point.

Jeanne is unwavering in her dedication and holds no ill will against what had happened to her during the Hundred Years’ War. Despite her personality merging with Laeticia’s, Jeanne still maintains her strong resolute and faithfulness.

Jeanne d’Arc Figures

We carry an assortment of Jeanne d’Arc figures, from loveable Nendoroids to breathtaking scale figures. She’s been recreated in 3D form in many of her different outfits, like her standard Ruler uniform to her summer-ready swimsuit outfit. Add this historical heroine to your collection today!

Fate Series Jeanne