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Cast Off Figures - 18+ Options

If you're looking for cast-off figures from Solaris Japan, you're in the right place! Cast off usually denotes a figure whose clothes can be "cast off." Imagine figures with removable skirts, shirts, and underwear that make it NSFW once the clothing comes off (and that we, of course, sell).

While it might not follow the standard definition of cast-off, our collection features an assortment of 18+ figures, including ecchi ones that are completely nude. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You can shop all sorts of cast-off figures – from the inconspicuous to the explicit, boobs – big and small – to butts; from the petite to the curvy, we have a wide range of figure options for your adult-friendly desires! You can also find less common cast-off options like male figures and action figures and some kinky options (yes, even tentacles and mini-sex toys).

You'll commonly see cast-off figures called original characters, which means the character does not come from a specific franchise but is an original creation by an artist. If you're unsure where to start your search, check out some brands we recommend!

Skytube: the sky's the limit.

Technically, Skytube is a lineup from the manufacturer Alphamax. Many collectors are familiar with its quality and the vast collection of original characters. Generally, most Skytube products are not too wild in their depictions, which makes them widely appealing to most NSFW collectors. Skytube's a safe bet when filling out your list if you want a good starting point!

Native: naked and creative. Seriously, that's what their name comes from.

Native offers quite the lineup of 18+ figures. Most figures are quite explicit, with some featuring interesting settings and many kink-friendly styles. You'll come across quite the range in Native, from the usual bombshells posed in provocative positions to some less-usual leather-bound boys. On top of the variety, Native offers top-notch quality and attention to detail, so make sure you add Native to your list of brands to shop for.

Lechery: lust knows no bounds.

Lechery, which means unrestrained and/or offensive interest in sex, pushes the boundaries regarding cast-offs. There's a good chance many people will find their products too much, but no one else is doing it like Lechery. Sure, not all of their items are pushing boundaries, but some of their toys don't have any clothing to remove, to begin with, and fit a niche category of collectors (we're looking at you, Hentai Series).

Daiki Kougyou: another guaranteed option.

Last but certainly not least, Daiki Kougyou fills a similar lane to Skytube. Sure, some cast-offs will go off on the kinkier side of things, but most items feature the standard sexy fare of Original Characters and some illustrator projects and franchises. Beginners and veterans can easily search for a figure they'll like from this brand.