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Roronoa Zoro Figures

Rorona Zoro is a member of the Straw Hat Crew from One Piece. He is the second member to join the crew and one of Luffy’s best friends. He was a former bounty hunter and was nicknamed “Pirate Hunter Zoro.” He is most notable for his bandana and green buzz cut. Zoro aims to be a master swordsman and is one of the strongest members of Luffy's crew.

Zoro always carries around three swords, which he uses for his attacks. He is regarded as one of the best swordsmen on the seas. Zoro’s body is covered in various scars from past battles. His scars and cool attitude make him appear very intimidating, especially compared to his more easygoing captain.

The Zoro action figures we stock all come pre-painted from big companies such as Bandai and Megahouse. The Zoro figures feature him in various costumes and poses and are a great addition to any One Piece collection.

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