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One Piece Nami Figures

Nami is the navigator of Luffy’s crew called the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. She is most notable for her orange hair and strong personality. She was formerly a part of Arlong’s crew but ended up joining Luffy’s crew after he defeated Arlong. She loves money and dreams of creating a map of the entire world.

Nami’s attacks are all weather-based and executed using her 3-part staff. She can also predict climate changes as well as create sea charts. She helps Monkey D Luffy and the rest of his crew befriend various people they meet along their journeys, such as Chopper and Vivi. 

Most of the Nami figures we stock are from Bandai and MegaHouse. Each Nami figure is highly detailed, pre-painted and features the orange-haired heroine in various outfits. The figures bring one of Shounen Jump’s most loved One Piece characters to life with their dynamic poses. So, choose your perfect Nami figure from our amazing selection.

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One Piece Nami