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Nico Robin Figures

The Nico Robin figures we stock come from the companies MegaHouse and Bandai. Each Nico Robin figure comes pre-painted and features Her in various outfits and poses. Each Nico Robin figure is the perfect addition to any fan or collector wanting to bring a piece of the action of One Piece into their home or personal space.

Robin is the archaeologist of Luffy's crew, The Straw Hat Pirates. She is a tall woman with long black hair and typically wears sunglasses on her forehead. She is the seventh member to join the crew.

What Is So Special About Nico Robin?

She is the only one able to read Poneglyphs because she is the only survivor from her island of Ohara.

This ability is very important to find out the true story of what happened during the Void Century, 100 years where all recorded history was erased. Her dream is to find out what happened during that time period.

Her strength lies in her ability to eat one of the many types of Devil Fruit called the Hana Hana no Mi. The fruit allows her to sprout multiple limbs to attack any oncoming foes. This comes in handy, especially when taking on multiple attackers. The hands she spouts can also merge into one giant hand, giving her even greater strength.

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