[NSFW] A lesson you won’t be forgetting!

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NSFW CONTENT AHEAD: This is a female castoff figure and you bet there’s gonna be some NSFW content. So proceed with caution, cos there’s some topless pics coming your way 😱  Let’s get to ’em! (≧ 𓎺 ≦)=ъ 
As usual, we took all photos shown here and made minimal edits to them; most have been cropped and/or rotated. However, we did not remove any dust, blemishes, or imperfections.
You’re sitting at your desk, ready for the school day, when you hear the patter of someone’s high heels as they walk down the hall. It suddenly stops and the door swings opens.
In walks Miss Akame Renka, your new teacher and trust me, you don’t want to mess with her.
Not only is she the hottest, most voluptuous teacher you've ever seen, but she hides a lustful secret…
Lesson with Vampire Akame Renka figure 
...she's also a vampire, capable of transforming you against your will into her own personal sex slave! 
Good luck. (^ω~)
Miss Renka is from the hentai manga series Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu, or Lesson with Vampire, which tells the story of Miss Renka saving a student’s life by transforming him into a vampire. His new affliction leaves him hungering more for Miss Renka than human blood, though, and I can’t blame him after taking one look at this figure!
(*‿ *๑)
(There is a black-haired version of this figure as well, but we’ll only be looking at the strawberry blonde version in this review.)
Akame Renka figure A+
Her outfit exudes superiority, from her towering red-bottomed heels to her bold red jacket that barely contains her curves. Her perfectly long, slender legs go on forever and the way her thicc thighs are squeezed by her tight stockings gets me sweating. Oh man, what I wouldn't do to be crushed between those thighs.
(XX ;)
Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu - Akame Renka figure legs
Her massive bosom is also barely contained, nearly bursting out of her jacket and top and begging to be freed. The way her pointer rests on her chest makes it impossible not to stare as you imagine just what is hiding beneath...
Akame Renka figure closeup
Luckily, A+ didn’t leave it all to the imagination! (º ﹃ º )
Akame Renka Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu figure nude 
Her huge breasts are supported by her arm underneath, giving you a full show of her excitement to see you, her optional pointer at the ready to play with herself.
Akame Renka breasts figure
You also have a full view of her curvaceous booty in her scant lingerie. Her thin panties barely hide her body, leaving little to the imagination. Vampire or not, you’ll definitely want to be her slave with her body now at your fingertips. 
Akame Renka booty figure
This figure immediately catches your gaze before she’s even undressed, thanks to her eye-catching box. The red and purple hues are reminiscent of a sunset-lit room, as you prepare for your lesson with Miss Renka. Her curvy figure and dominating gaze are both captivating and terrifyingly exciting, something you don’t see too much with other figures.
Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu - Akame Renka figure 1.1 box
Most hentai figures veer towards more submissive poses and design, but if you, from time to time, enjoy a tall and dominating woman, you’ll have a hard time finding another figure like this.
Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu - Akame Renka figure nude
Her overall quality is just as jaw-dropping as Miss Renka’s body, as the paints and textures are smooth and delicate. The lighter tones of her skin look all the more enticing with the sharp contrasts of her red jacket and black lingerie. 
Lesson with Vampire Renka Akame figure breasts closeup
She also comes with a number of optional parts like her pointer, stack of papers, and two pairs of glasses. Positioning these parts can be a bit tricky at first as you fumble your way through the set up (it’s hard not to get distracted by Miss Renka after all), but is easy enough to figure out. 
Akame Renka different glasses
Something to be cautious of is paint transfer when changing out parts. Her top parts are attached by a magnet in her torso, which has a very tight grip. If you use a bit too much force when removing the part, you can scratch up her jacket and skirt with her hair. 
We also noticed some paint transfer between her thighs, but those were mostly out of sight due to the location. (⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)
Akame Renka figure detachable torso piece
Despite those minor drawbacks, she is still too stunning to pass up. Thinking of how she might punish you when you’re caught staring during the lesson… well, whether you should call it a punishment is up to your discretion. ԅ(‾▽‾ԅ)
Add her to your collection today and till next time! ( *・∀・)ノ゛
Kyuuketsu Jokyoushi no Kenzoku Seikatsu - Akame Renka

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