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Oh! My! God!

Joseph Joestar made his debut in “Part II: Battle Tendency” of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. The second JoJo of the series and grandson of first JoJo Jonathan Joestar, Joseph is an impetuous young man with a propensity for trickery. Endowed with the Ripple, Joseph begins his story as an irresponsible young man but begins to transform when confronted by the ancient Pillar Men.

One of Joseph’s most effective strategies is his ingenuity, which generally culminates in him outsmarting his enemies. If all else fails, though, he can always fall back on his “secret technique.” 『逃げるんだよォ!』

Joseph Joestar Figures

With a number of different Joseph Joestar figures, you can enjoy recreating some of Joseph’s most memorable scenes from the anime and manga. The most popular manufacturer, Medicos Entertainment, also offers incredible articulation so you can enjoy posing Joseph in a variety ways. Make sure to add this humorous hero to your collection today!

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Joseph Joestar