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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Giorno Giovanna Figures

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Le Bizarre Avventure di GioGio

Giorno Giovanna is the fifth JoJo (or, in Giorno’s case, GioGio) of the series. And though Giorno is half-Japanese, he has been raised mostly in Italy by his mother and abusive step-father. He debuts in “Part V: Vento Aureo” as he abandons his thievery and ear-stuffing tricks in an attempt to stop the predatory crimes of the Italian gang Passione.

Giorno is fiercely determined and also a Stand User, wielding a powerful Stand named Gold Experience. Using his vast knowledge and Gold Experience’s versatility, Giorno makes for quite a strong opponent.

Giorno Giovanna Figures

The Giorno Giovanna figures we stock comes in an assortment of styles - Giorno is even available as a figure/pen combination! In addition to our range of Giorno figures, we also carry a number of Gold Experience figures, including his additional form. Enjoy bringing the unique style and adventure of GioGio into your collection!