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Do you ever look at your shelf of figures and think, "what's missing here? Oh, right. Something bigger, better and more over the top!" 
Well, fear not because Prime 1 Studio has got you covered. For those unfamiliar with Prime 1 Studio, they're a Japanese company that creates high-quality figures and statues.
They have focused on characters from western franchises like DC and Marvel Comics, video games like Metal Gear Solid and Bloodborne and of course anime! While the company was only founded in 2012, they already have a reputation for producing some of the most detailed and intricate statues on the market.

Statues that are as good as gold!

Prime 1 Studio’s Masterline collection consists of their high-end statues, and they take the Masterline name seriously. The attention to detail and the sheer size of the statues make them something truly special. It also makes them a must have for any diehard fan!

Fate/Grand Order - Yama no Okina - Concept Masterline

To give an example of their craftsmanship, there is a Fate/Grand Order statue of the assassin First Hassan currently available for pre-order.
As a 1/6 scale statue, the Old Man of the Mountain stands at 55 centimeters tall. From top to bottom, this statue perfectly represents the character. The way he holds the greatsword gives an air of honor and nobility. The skeletal themed mask and armor plating has a level of intricate detail that is just simply unmatched. Prime 1 managed to create a hyper realistic look to the metal and fabric on the statue. Even the base has a high level of detail portraying broken weapons and the remains of his vanquished foes!
And if that wasn’t enough, his eyes are illuminated with LED lights, to further the assassin's intimidating demeanor!

Shingeki no Kyojin - Armin Arlert - Eren Yeager - Mikasa Ackerman - Ultimate Premium Masterline

Still want bigger? Well how does a 1/4 scale Attack on Titan statue depicting Armin Arlert, Eren Yeager, and Mikasa Ackerman in action sound?
Standing at over 70 centimeters tall the trio is shown in full Omni-directional Mobility Gear and oozes the essence of what makes the anime and manga so great. The Survey Corps’ uniforms look amazing and the pose is intense!
Mikasa is shown mid-swing, Eren is looking enraged and Armin is crouched and ready to strike! The pedestal shows the walls around Eldian City, complete with a Titan and Eren’s Attack Titan, in crystalline form.

PRISMA WING - Figures too good to not show off! 

If those are a bit too big and space is tight, I am right there with ya! Although… I have considered getting rid of my bed to make some space on a few occasions… For us, we can look to Prime 1 Studio’s Prisma Wing collection!
The Prisma Wing brand is relatively new and focuses on characters from manga, anime, and video games. While still boasting the same level of detail and quality as their statues, they are a little smaller and have a lower price tag. These are the figures that become the highlight of a collection and take the spotlight!
What I love most about this product line is that most of the figures have well designed pedestals similar to the statues shown above. The base isn’t just a bland piece of plastic, but a part of the figure that enhances and compliments it nicely. I think their Shiro figure from No Game No Life demonstrates this nicely!

No Game No Life - Shiro - Prisma Wing

Depicting her on a chessboard diorama surrounded by floating chess pieces and playing cards gives the illusion of stepping into the enchanting world of Disboard.
All aspects of this figure had a good amount of thought put into it to fully capture what makes Shiro, Shiro. The loose sock, selection of gaming paraphernalia surrounding her and distinct hairstyle are perfect renditions making it a must-have for any Shiro oshi.
While Shiro is the central focus, the more you look at and inspect the figure, the more subtle detail you pick up which holds your attention!

Cutie1 - A Collectible Vinyl Figure Series

If small and cute is more your style, Prime 1 can still deliver. They have a line of very stylized, big headed soft vinyl figures called Cutie1.
The signature characteristic of this product line is the inclusion of zippers, buttons and fasteners. This gives the figures a sort of stuffed toy/leather look and makes them truly unique compared to other vinyl collectibles.
In a bid to continue solidifying their place as an industry leader, Prime 1 Studio goes the extra mile to include magnets in the body and base. This is a much appreciated detail, instead of just using an extra small piece of plastic to keep the figures standing up. 

Chainsaw Man - Cutie1

You might be asking how a plastic figure can look like a stuffed toy. To fully showcase their stylized approach, we can take a look at the Chainsaw Man Cutie1!
As with most of the Cutie1’s, the mouth is designed as a zipper, and they made it work well with Denji’s transformation. Throughout the figure, you can see detail of a seam that was designed to look like fabric sewn together! The back of Denji’s head shows buttons and straps that again look sewn on, instead of being metal. It is certainly an interesting idea and they executed it well!
And about bigger, better and more over the top…
…their Chainsaw Man Statue is gruesomely awesome!

Prime 1 Studio Gallery Shop


When you make something truly amazing, you usually want to show it off!
Prime 1 Studio has a gallery shop located in Shinjuku, Tokyo where you can see their incredible craftsmanship on display!
The Solaris team recently got the chance to visit and get up close and personal with some very tasty anime goodness. You can learn a little about the backstory of Cutie1 and may find a nice Berserk easter egg?!?! Be sure to leave us a comment with which statue is your favorite!
I hope you found this interesting!

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