Memories and dreams: the trials of Emilia!

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There are times when I wonder if figure makers agree behind the scenes that they’re going to play fairy godmother for a character. (≖_≖ )
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia - F:Nex - 1/7 - Memories of Childhood (FuRyu) Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Emilia - 1/7 - Memory`s Journey (Kotobukiya)
Recently, these two wonderful figures of Re:Zero’s Emilia were announced by two different titans of the industry: FuRyu (left) and Kotobukiya (right). Their similarities are so striking, but the contrast between which version of Emilia they each chose to portray is so perfect that we HAD to show them both!

Memories of Childhood


I’m going to be honest with you: writer-san is not a member of the Emilia fan club. Yet even while not being a fan, I still fell heads over heels for this little one.(*Л*)

FuRyu knows that no one with a beating heart can simply look at this sweet face and just keep scrolling!
Re:Zero Emilia Memories of Childhood FuRyu
Her kitten-like eyes and her pose awaken strong parental instincts in me. (´;ω;`)
 That’s the pleading face children make before we leave for work, a mix of “please don’t leave” and “come back soon.” I. can’t...I just can’t. Too much cuteness! No matter how bratty and disobedient she may have been, only a witch could stay mad at such an innocent creature.
Emilia Memories of Childhood figure closeup
Emilia stands on a snowy base like a crocus peeking out in late winter, looking for the spring. Her fair skin is only subtly warmer than the pure white of her clothes and her hair. In fact, take a closer look at her bangs: there is a gentle gradient from silver to translucent towards the tips!
She looks on ahead, knowing nothing of the thorny and broken path ahead of her...

The other end of Memory’s Journey

And when we thought our hearts had already adopted young Emilia as our own daughter, Kotobukiya pierces them with this absolutely captivating figure:
Re:Zero Emilia Memory's Journey Kotobukiya
(灬♥ω♥灬) !!!
The story of Re:Zero’s first and second seasons exists in the gap between these two different Emilias, as they look at each other within the illusions of the Trial of the Sanctuary.
But on this side of the journey is the strong, resolute Emilia. The one who has been through disdain, suffering, and betrayal, and came out shining even brighter. Behind her is the cold and hurt of those painful days; ahead of her are the green hopes of spring! (And our hopes for a third season!!!)
Emilia Memory's Journey Kotobukiya figure back
The warm breeze fans her cloak, making her look like a flower in full bloom. The sun of a new era glints off the golden crest on her sleeve. Let it be made known all across Lugnica: this half-elf is a ♛queen♛ worthy of your admiration!
Emilia Memory's Journey figure closeup 1
The hands she once wrung in uncertainty now gently hold her heart, that caring and compassionate soul that draws people to her. She is stronger, more mature and ready to take her place on the kingdom’s throne.
Emilia Memory's Journey closeup 2
Like in FuRyu’s figure, her bangs too have a translucent effect. Nothing can dim the confident light shining through those wonderful eyes! Her expression is relaxed and hopeful; I may even say loving. That is the smile of a woman who knows she can count on her friends and, most importantly, on herself. ( ͡>⌣  ͡●)
Both Emilias are scheduled to release next spring; those companies are coming after our pocket like rabid rabbits hungry for mana!   ( =✪ x ✪= ) Because let’s be real: if you want to properly display the evolution of Emilia’s character, you *need* both past and present.
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We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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