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Kotobukiya’s at it again with yet another stunning movie character rendition! World-renowned artist Adi Granov shared his take on the Dark Lord of the Sith
Star Wars - Darth Vader - ARTFX - ARTFX Artist Series - 1/7 - Industrial Empire Artwork
Star Wars - Darth Vader - Industrial Empire
They did it so well that when I was looking for the original illustration I scrolled past it, thinking it was the figure. ♪~(´ε` ) Without looking at the lightsaber, it is difficult to tell them apart!
In the spirit of the Star Wars holiday, today we’ll be taking a look at this epic figure!
Star Wars - Darth Vader - ARTFX - ARTFX Artist Series - 1/7 - Industrial Empire
A nation needs industry, and the Galactic Empire is no different. Who will mine and build the weapons that secure the Sith’s claim to power? Death Stars don’t grow on trees. Need slav… I mean, workers to move the imperial machine.
Death Star GIF
And there is nothing better for morale than to have your leader visit the facilities himself. Behold the might of galaxies united under the dark side!
Face closeup
Vader wears the insignia of the Empire on his helmet, which is secured with brass rivets all along the edge.His shoulder pads are likewise firmly attached, weighing down his black cape. The reflective glass of his goggles don’t let through the glimmer of arrogance Anakin carries in his eyes.
Face closeup
But you can feel it, exuding from every labored breath he takes. As he inhales, the dial on his chest quivers slightly as the vital fluids fizz and bubble, doing what his own charred body cannot. This steampunk version of his iron lungs is complete with oxygen canisters and a pressure gauge attached to his belt.
Granov makes analog look better than digital, and Kotobukiya nailed the execution! It even has the grime, grease and soot in every nook and cranny of the mechanism.
Legs closeup
There is visible wear and tear on his legplates, dented and scratched from battles with those pesky jedi. The boots seem to have patina on their surface, as if treading corpses etched the steel.
Until we learn how to make plastic glow without the risk of cancer, lightsabers will have to be improvised with acrylic. The choice of colors and shading made this figure look even more menacing than the illustration! The blade seems to burn with the Sith Lord’s anger, stained red with the blood of his enemies.
Boots closeup
The boots gained some rivets that were not present in the original illustration; a welcome design choice, as it breaks the monotonous black of his lower body. Vader is supposed to be as foreboding as a black hole, but a little more style doesn’t hurt! After all, his boots are what most people get to see anyway. ヾ( _ _ 。)
He steps onto the heavy machinery humming with a heart of fuel and steam, his cape rustling in the toxic fumes of industry. He has just secured this industrial hub, slaughtering those who had dared to oppose him, and is about to deliver the speech that will seal his claim to the location.
Star Wars - Darth Vader - ARTFX - ARTFX Artist Series - 1/7 - Industrial Empire
All around the syncopated steps of stormtroopers shake the ground; above, Darth Vader’s hoarse exhalations echo in unison with the plumes billowing from the vents. The machines below breathe as heavily as he does.
Darth Vader GIF
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Until next time! (▼皿▼)

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