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Ah May!
The sun is shining and days grow longer. You can hear the birds chirping and see beautiful spring colors as flowers bloom...
But who cares about all that stuff! The spring season of anime has begun! And that means MORE…KONO…SUBA!!!
KonoSuba follows Kazuma Satou who is reincarnated after “saving” a young girl’s life. Instead of the typical isekai power fantasy story, Kazuma is a relatively ordinary adventurer with little redeeming qualities, using his smarts and luck to defeat his enemies.
He is joined by a trio of mostly useless party members. There is Aqua, the goddess of water who is great for party tricks, Darkness, a crusader who can take hits but can’t dish 'em out, and finally the main focus of today’s blog, Megumin! A wizard who can only cast one spell… but that one spell involves big beautiful explosions! 
The new anime adaptation revolves around everyone’s favorite explosion-obsessed, chuunibyou wizard girl in a prequel spinoff series to the original anime.
As a prequel, we won't see the other dysfunctional members of her party. Instead, we can expect to see her school life in the Crimson Village, and hopefully get a better understanding on why she is so fixated on explosion magic.
And hopefully her chaotic little sister, Komekko, gets a decent amount of air time too.
As one of, if not the most favorite character from the series, there are dozens of Megumin figures. Let’s check out some of the best! 

Take the opening

This figure of Megumin is modeled after a pose from the second season's opening sequence as she descends from the sky while firing off her explosion magic!

Chara-Ani did a great job replicating the dynamic pose and modeling her clothing. It's realistic in how it would float through the air if she were falling. The way she grabs her hat, which is just barely staying on her head, showcases this best. 


The explosion magic beginning to release from her staff has also been captured in stunning detail. They used some translucent parts to give the magic effect a more detailed look and provide some contrast to Megumin’s solid coloring.
For those who like to get crafty with how to display figures, I would imagine you could add to the effect with some clever lighting.
Chomusuke's shown popping out of her shirt which is a nice added touch.
Even though there is a lot going on with this figure which makes it a bit busy, Chomusuke is nicely painted and provides just a little extra reason to keep your eyes glued to Megumin. 

Perfectly chuunibyou~

This figure from Bell Fine depicts both Megumin and Chomusuke perfectly, making it a must-have for any Konosuba fan.
At 1/8 scale, this figure is a decent size, standing at 185mm (~7 in) tall. It captures the spirit of the series and Megumin perfectly, and would make a fantastic centerpiece for any display.
The first thing that catches the eye is the incredible level of detail on Megumin. Her face captures her serious but awkward (very chuunibyou) expression as she poses to show off her power. As a recurring gag in the series, it is definitely perfect when recreated for a figure! 
The folds in her clothing are also very detailed, giving a sense of movement and dynamism to the figure. It feels like she just threw back her cape to flash her awkwardly cool pose. Her signature hat has a built-in magnet so it can be easily removed if desired!
Chomusuke shown next to her completes the look and further gives off those chuunibyou vibes! 
She can also be paired rather nicely with Bell Fine’s Aqua Figure!

An elevated explosion

From the Konosuba movie "Legend of Crimson" comes another great scale figure of Megumin.
As with the previous figures, it is highly detailed with lots of attention given to the character's clothing, hair, and face. It also captures the explosive nature of Megumin's magic which is the highlight of this figure.
The translucent materials used to represent the magic being drawn up to her staff enhance the overall effect of the figure, making it look more dramatic. The black and red base fits with the theme of the figure quite well.
As for Megumin herself, she is seen striking a powerful pose with her arms extended, ready to unleash her signature Explosion magic. The pose helps make the figure more visually striking and captivating.
The folds and creases in Megumin’s dress are subtle but add a sense of realism to the figure. 
From the back, that same level of detail can be seen on her cape and add to the overall aesthetic. As the magical energy is being focused, we can feel a sense of power as Megumin braces herself to unleash that very destructive shot. 

Chilling in Chomosuke-inspired PJs

What more could you want than a cute figure of Megumin wearing a hoodie inspired by Chomusuke? Fluffy pajamas of course!
Her hoodie has wings and a tail just like Chomusuke, and the design of the hood itself is well done and realistic. Her pose gives a shy and embarrassed yet playful look, perfect for Megumin. 
With the hoodie being mostly unzipped it gives some ecchi vibes. I think they did a great job of balancing lewdness and still keeping things safe for work. The length of the hoodie just barely covers her pajama bottoms and with the exposed navel it certainly attracts not-so-innocent gazes.
The extra long socks expose just enough thigh to help direct the viewer's attention. This figure was definitely designed for those who enjoy “culture.” 
The hoodie can be removed if you prefer the pajama look and Megumin can be changed to be more cheerful. Without her hoodie we get a classic Megumin V sign pose! 
The Chomusuke on the base along with the Chomusuke base makes this the go to figure for Chomusuke lovers!

Bikini Megumin

Following the ecchi theme from the previous figure, we have a frilly black bikini version of Megumin. The red bow and string ties contrast nicely with the black and is an appropriate color scheme for Megumin.
The figure's pose is eye-catching, with Megumin cheerfully peeking out from beneath her hat. Her cape surrounds her, blocking unwanted gazes and allowing her to feel comfortable and less embarrassed than we may expect.
The subtle details on Megumin’s body add definition to her figure and accentuate her slender physique. It is designed so that shadows on the figure don't obscure key details but lighting definitely needs to be considered. If a bright light is used directly above this figure, I could see some potential downsides.
The hat on this figure is also removable, so that can fix potential lighting issues or help be more suited to your tastes. The staff also has a fair bit of detail and looks fantastic! This is a great Megumin figure if you are looking for something a little less traditional or more mature!
Show us your Megumin collection by tagging #SolarisJapan on social media! With dozens of figures to choose from, I would love to see your top picks!
Thanks for reading!
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