Earn up to 5% back in points with our new tier ranks!

Our new tier ranks are here, meaning you can earn even more points the more you shop.
Our tiers are launching today, June 1st 2021, so make sure you check your current tier in your ‘My Account’ page to see how you rank this month!

What are the different tiers?

There are a total of four new tiers, not including our standard 1% back in points. These tiers are:
PLATINUM: earn 5% back in points when you spend ¥200,000+ a month
GOLD: earn 4% back in points when you spend ¥100,000+ a month
SILVER: earn 3% back in points when you spend ¥60,000+ a month
BRONZE: earn 2% back in points when you spend ¥20,000+ a month 
No tier: earn 1% back in points for future purchases
Solaris Japan Loyalty Tier Ranks

Tier overview

You’ll earn your tier ranking in any given calendar month based on how much you’ve spent in the preceding calendar month.
Your total spent does not include any shipping costs or taxes, so please keep this in mind when trying to rank up.

How do you rank for a tier?

It’s easy! Simply spend the minimum requirement for a tier and you’ll rank for that tier the following month. Let’s say you spend ¥65,000 in the month of June. This means you’ll earn Silver status in July, earning you 3% back in points instead of the standard 1%.

What do I get for my tier rank?

Each tier rank gets a different point earn percentage - the higher the rank, the more points you’ll earn back on your purchases.

How do I check my tier rank?

You’ll be able to check your tier ranking in your ‘My Account’ page. To access this, you’ll need to sign in, then click your name in the top right corner of the screen.
Have any other questions? Make sure to check our FAQs!


How is my tier rank determined?
Your tier rank in any given calendar month is dependent upon the total amount you spent in the preceding calendar month. All times and dates are in JST.
How long do I keep my tier rank?
Your tier rank is effective for the duration of the calendar month – e.g. January 1-31.
Is there a way to keep my tier rank for longer?
Yes, but only by spending the minimum required amount for the tier you’re trying to maintain.
Do my orders that haven’t shipped also count towards my tier level?
Yes - any order that has been placed and paid within a calendar month will count towards your tier rank.
For any orders using our ‘EU bank transfer’ payment option, please note your order will count toward your tier ranking only once it’s been marked as paid.
Can I postpone when I get my tier rank?
Unfortunately, no.
I placed an order with a different account. Can you put it under my normal account?
Unfortunately, no. Our system does not allow for transferring orders between accounts.
Are there any orders that don’t count towards my tier ranking?
Only unpaid orders or additional payment links will not count towards your tier rank. For all orders, shipping costs and taxes will not count towards your tier rank.
How do I join the loyalty tier ranks?
If you have an account with us, you are already signed up! Please note you can’t opt out of the program.

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Hello, I love your store super very much, and I will buy many more, I love them all and thank you very much to all of you for their beautiful figurines, I wish you a very good day and a good continuation THANKS !!

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