Solaris Japan launches loyalty points program and special point event!

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Solaris Loyalty Points!
To celebrate the launch of our new program, we’ve sent out a surprise to each user. Log in to see if you got points! 

We're also rolling out our first ever point event - for one week only*, you can earn 10x more points than usual! ₊*ˈ˚·(๑˃̶̡̢̥ ॣಐ ॣ˂̶̡̢̥๑)·˚ˈ*₊

Solaris Japan 10x Point Event
We've created a brief FAQ about our new loyalty point program below, but let us know if you have any questions!

PLEASE NOTE: Points can only be applied to orders placed after the launch of the program. Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively offer points for previous orders.


What are Solaris Loyalty Points?

You can now earn points for your purchases** at Solaris Japan! You can use these points as a discount on future orders. Each point is equal to ¥1 so redeeming points during checkout is incredibly simple!

How do I join the program?

If you have a Solaris Japan account, you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty program. If you have not yet created an account with Solaris Japan, click here to sign up and start earning points!

Can I get points from my previous orders?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot offer points for any previous orders. 

How do I earn points?

For most items in our store, you can get 1% back in points for future orders. Eligible items will display the number of points you can earn by purchasing the item. Points are earned when you make your purchase, although these points will be in pending status (points become available for use one week after your order has shipped). 

example: ¥10,000 item = 100 points earned

Solaris Japan Loyalty Points Product Page

How do I spend points?

During checkout, you will be able to see your total point balance and specify how many points you want to redeem, if any. Each point is equal to ¥1 so point redemption is really straightforward!

example: 795 points = ¥795 yen off your order

Solaris Japan Loyalty Points Checkout Page

Do I get my points right away?

No - points will be available one week after your order has shipped.

What can I use my points on?

You can use Solaris Loyalty Points for all items in our store except for Early Birds. Shipping costs also cannot be paid for with points.

Can I use a coupon with points?

No, you cannot combine points and coupons. We will begin phasing coupons out from our store as we continue to implement and improve our loyalty point program.

Do points expire?

Currently, points earned from purchases do not expire, although this is subject to change without notice. 

What if I get a partial refund on an order?

If your order is partially refunded, the correlating number of points will also be deducted from your account.

Can I get extra points?

Extra points will be offered during special sales/events, but will not be available outside of these events.

Is there a cap on how many points can be redeemed during checkout?

No. You can use as many points as you have available during checkout.


*10x point event ends June 12th 10am JST (June 11 6pm PST/June 11 9pm EST/June 12 1am GMT).
**Points cannot be used towards Early Bird specials.  

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I really hope I receive points for the figure I purchased within 12 hrs before the news of a loyalty program. I purchased two things this month :(


Hello, if I use coupons on purchases, will it have an effect on the loyalty points I receive? Since coupons are planned to be phased out, I might as well use them now so as not to waste them. Thank you.

sc abbot

THANK YOU! <3 Now, why couldn’t this have started before I was broke… :-p


I love this idea! Makes it even better to buy here ♡

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