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Today we’re looking at a unique 1/7 scale figure of the iyashikei diva, Shima Rin!
This anime figure of Rin by KLOCKWORX perfectly encapsulates the essence of a very memorable moment (for Rin and for us): the day her metal offering box portable grill arrived. The chibi face is a quirky touch that jives with Rin’s personality! Simply put, this is the most accurate portrayal of one of the most candid moments in the Yurucamp anime series.

A Quick Summary of Yurucamp

Laid-Back Camp, or Yurucamp in Japanese, is a slice of life anime that follows a group of high school girls who love the outdoors so much they created a club about it. They live in the perfect place to have such an interest: Yamanashi prefecture. For those unfamiliar with Japanese geography, that’s one of the prefectures that surround Mount Fuji. 🗻

The Outdoor Activities Club consists of three members: Ogaki Chiaki, Aoi Inuyama and Nadeshiko Kagamihara. The three aspiring campers travel all over the Tokai region, and each episode promotes a different location. 🏕️ All of the places are either real or inspired by a real place. In a couple instances, a real person was even turned into a character in the anime series! For a detailed map of all the Yurucamp locations, check out this reddit post by u/peaceshot.
The anime series serves as a promotion for tourism in the Tokai region, but it’s so well done that it doesn’t feel like an advert. It fits perfectly into the slice-of-life and iyashikei genres, the characters have depth, personality, lovable quirks, and each episode shares useful camping tips for those otaku who are thinking of venturing beyond the comfort of their homes and into a potential new hobby!
٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶

The Figure We All Wanted But Didn’t Get

I have already spoken at length about how Good Smile Company is trying to fill in the gaps left behind by anime figure makers by making anime figures of smaller and lesser-known anime franchises. They’re absolutely great, and I love them for doing that! (ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

However, even the best is still not perfect. Choosing one scene, one pose, one moment, means leaving behind many other scenes, poses and moments. And there was a missed opportunity when GSC decided not to include the advent of Rin’s portable grill to the nendoroids or their figmas. (╯︵╰,)

This is the moment I’m referring to, forever eternalized in an otagif for you.
So, as it usually is in this industry, where one fails, another steps up. This time, it’s a new name: KLOCKWORX. This company has so far stuck to the marketing and distribution of anime DVD and merchandise, but this year they seem to be branching out into the field of scale anime figures. And Shima Rin is the chosen one to debut this venture! (^◇^)
From the get-go, KLOCKWORX shows promise with their upcoming figure releases. It seems that soon we’ll have some more super cute and endearing characters such as Yuzaki Tsukasa from Over The Moon For You and Bridget from the fighting game series Guilty Gear.

✨ Look what I bought! ✨

In this lovely anime figure, Rin rejoices at her newest purchase, an offering…I mean, a portable grill for one person. Solo yakiniku for an avid solo camper!
(っ^▿^)۶🍗🔥Zoom in on that sweet little relatable face. Who hasn’t felt this giddy about purchasing something that promises ease and delicious meals? I certainly did, when my air fryer arrived. I was just like that, sparkles and all.

Her face design is actually an interesting choice given the type of figure. Here, Rin has a very chibi-like face, with expressive eyes that eclipse all need for a mouth, which makes us forget for a brief moment that this is a 1/7 scale. Usually these exaggerated expressions are the domain of nendoroids and gacha capsule toys. With anime scale figures, their high price points are justified by the amount of thought and detail that was put into the figure. Those anime figures are a true feast for the eyes, and they generally offer a memory or a fantasy; they either bring us back to a memorable scene in the anime series, or they show us a new possibility, one that was never animated but could very well be.
(Shima Rin - 1/7 - Foot Bath ver. (AmiAmi) available brand new here)
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(Shima Rin - 1/7 - Birthday ver. (Wanderer) available brand new here)
Therefore, if your preference tends towards that classic view of scales, Rin's chibified face in this scale figure by KLOCKWORX may look a bit odd. However, for the keen-eyed and dedicated iyashikei fan, that choice may have a different meaning.

Fans of Shima Rin know she has all the virtues of a quintessential introvert. Rin is completely content to just be herself, as aloof as that might make her seem. That’s why she camps solo in the first place; she avoids the rowdy crowds that flock to campgrounds in the summer, choosing to see the beauty of less popular winter vistas. Rin is in tune with the essence of iyashikei, with the silence and the stillness that comes with finally being at peace. ( ˘ω˘ )
TL:DR: Rin is a mood, good vibes all around and, as such, she doesn’t need to try hard to be iconic. The simplicity of her happiness over something as small as a purchase is what makes her so moe, and it’s exactly what was captured in this anime figure, with all the glory and detail of a scale. For her fans, the chibi face is actually a highlight! ( ・ ・ ) ✨This 1/7 scale figure comes with a little chat bubble accessory, which is the cherry on top for the whole scene. The chat bubble stand is made of clear acrylic, so your view is unobstructed.Another detail that I particularly loved is her desk. Granted, keen-eyed Yurucamp fans will remember that this scene happened in the library, not in the classroom. Besides, there’s absolutely no way Rin will open a package in front of her classmates! They will all flock to her and start asking questions, and Rin is as skittish as a cat. Those girls are one loud bunch! ( ་ ⍸ ་ )

But one argument in favor of this small alteration is that the library counter also doesn’t translate well into the design of an anime figure, with its bulky and enclosed design. A school desk is open at the bottom, allowing us to have a much better 360 view of Rin! (≧◡≦)

Thi 1/7 scale figure of Shima Rin is scheduled to release at the end of August 2024. Pre-orders are currently open on our website! And since camping is a hobby that requires a fair amount of early rising, we have an Early Bird promotion going on right now: pre-order now and save 20% on your purchase! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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We hope you enjoyed this one!

Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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