The Explosive Charm of KonoSuba’s Megumin

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Season 3 of one of the best isekai anime is currently airing! The fantastical world of KonoSuba charmed anime and light novel fans alike and introduced us to the explosively charismatic Megumin. As an Arch Wizard hailing from the esteemed Crimson Demons, Megumin's presence is as powerful as her signature spell.

She was so popular that the side story prequel, An Explosion on This Wonderful World! followed her journey to learning the ways of her coveted explosive magic. The anime was a bit disappointing with repetitive gags and a bit too much chuunibyou. Megumin definitely shines best when paired with the main crew. And lucky for us, season 3 is back with Kazuma, Darkness and Aqua.

Despite the underwhelming prequel anime, this Shibuya Scramble figure releasing next year gives fans something to love about it. Using the key visual illustration from the spin-off, they crafted a great figure!

Megumin is a prodigy. Born into the Crimson Demon clan, known for their dramatic flair and red eyes, she seeks to master the ultimate magic spell. Megumin’s singular focus is on Explosion Magic. Despite its impracticality…

...rendering her totally useless after casting. It's the spell's raw power that captivates her, and us.

The figure features a younger Megumin still learning the ways of nice bakuretsu. Her expression and pose give feelings of hope, longing and determination.

Matching her younger appearance, we have her outfit prior to her adventurer days. The light pink dress provides a softer appearance compared to Megumin's more iconic crimson red one. The coloring is nicely done and is most certainly a big highlight for this figure.

eStream paid a lot of attention to detail. They added a significant amount of texture to Megumin's outfit with the pleated skirt, wrinkles throughout and realistic look to layered items like the belt and gloves. The way all of the fabric and her hair are sculpted provides a good sense of movement with a strong wind blowing.

Megumin wouldn't be Megumin without the hat! Every detail was perfectly recreated. None of the promotional images show her hatless and I could not find any information about possible removal so assume it is safe to assume it is fixed. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised when released but I don't have my fingers crossed.

The swirling magic effect around her has become somewhat common with explosive oriented figures of Megumin. The gradient color and translucent material could provide a lot of options and fun with lighting. The stars do look a bit cheesy but with proper lightning, there is great potential to make them look fantastic!

The base is simple but effective. eStream provided enough shading and texture for it to look realistic and it fits the fantasy world. Overall this is a fairly compact figure, not taking up any extra room than necessary.

If you prefer Megumin's adventuring aesthetic, there is another Shibuya Scramble figure that is equally as action oriented of Megumin shelling out some castle breaking nukes!

Megumin is the explosive heart of KonoSuba, a character that resonates with fans for her strength, her quirks and her unapologetic love for the grandiose. You can vicariously live out your chuunibyou fantasies with the crimson queen. Pre-order today to make sure you get her on your shelf early 2025!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

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