[NSFW - Adult Content] Saki Nishina gets racy on Sports Day!

---[Warning: NSFW]---

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Today’s Early Bird special stars the voluptuous Saki Nishina participating in Undokai, or Sports Day!
Original Character - Nishina Saki - 1/6 NO Background
The suggestive Saki is dressed up in her Undokai outfit, with a pair of barely there bottoms and a shirt that struggles to fit over her considerable bosom. Her name tag tells everyone who she is.
Original Character - Nishina Saki - 1/6 Peace Sign Front
She is posed in the moment of victory, the red ribbon of the finish line still billowing as she runs past the finish line. Celebrate her victory with an additional red flag and a swappable arm so she gives the peace sign!
Original Character - Nishina Saki - 1/6 Flag
Her trademark deep blue hair is tied together with a vibrant red bow, but since she’s taking part in Undokai, she is also sporting a cute little yellow sweatband.
Original Character - Nishina Saki - 1/6 Back
Just in case Saki wants to show off more than her running skills, her shirt can be removed!
She is must for collectors of COMIC Shingeki characters. Pre-order today and save 18% with Solaris Japan!
Original Character - Nishina Saki - 1/6 Release Poster
“A+ brings an original character, Saki Nishina, from the pages of COMIC Shingeki into real life with this sexy figure! Her clothes can barely hold on as Saki rushes past the finish line, claiming victory during Sports Day. The finish line ribbon hugs tightly to all of her curves and she excitedly wins first place. Of course, her top can be removed to reveal a little more! Add you to her collection today!”

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