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Pre-Order Ryza (Max Factory) and Lila — Swimsuit Ver. Now!

Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
(Please play this song for maximum immersion!)
On an ordinary island called Kurken, in an ordinary village called Rasenboden, a bubbly alchemist is preparing for a day full of adventures.
Something great is truly about to happen: 2022 is the year of Ryza! We have many great figures coming out throughout the year, bringing the world of this JRPG gem to real life.
With all that’s been happening in this twisted isekai of ours, I would surely welcome anything that whisks me away from it, even if for a moment. In fact, were I to choose which universe I’d like to be transported to, I would dive headfirst into the portal leading to Atelier Ryza’s world! Oh, to live on a quiet island where the only thing you have to worry about is how to become attuned to your fields… ( ˊᵕˋ )
Or, if you’re the adventuring type like the game’s protagonist, you can also learn how to blow things up à la Megumin: plenty of staff flourishes, calling out abilities by name, and flashy alchemic explosions. There’s a lifestyle for everyone! (っ ‘o’)ノ⌒ ~ ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́.•
Today we’ll take a look at the (IMHO (◔ᴥ◔) ) most beautiful figure to be released this year, Max Factory’s Ryza.
Atelier Ryza ~Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega~ - Reisalin Stout - 1/6 (Max Factory)
The figure maker took the game’s premium box illustration, drawn by artist toridamono, as their inspiration for the figure.
Atelier Ryza ~Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega premium cover illustration
And in that little vignette they managed to capture so much of what makes the game so great! Lush green ivy climbs on the weather-beaten wood of an ancient Klint Kingdom structure. The bright, fine sand of the island’s beach looks so realistic I want to sink my feet in it! (*^_^*)
Ryza Stout Max Factory figure
Ryza slips on her leather boots, rolling the hem over her thicc thigh. I don’t see the other shoe, however; a giant weasel must have stolen it. (o ̄∇ ̄)
I can’t help but think that this scene is the sequel to this other figure, by Good Smile Company:
Atelier Ryza 2 ~Ushinawareta Denshou to Himitsu no Yousei~ - Reisalin Stout - 1/7 - Swimsuit Ver. (Good Smile Company)
Which is currently on an Early Bird promotion: pre-order now to save 18%! Ryza will be released at the end of November 2022.
I mean, it makes sense, no? Imagine: Ryza, Klaudia, Lent, and Tao went down to the beach on a hot summer day with only one adventure in mind: to win at a game of beach volleyball! Then they were joined by Empel and Lila, with the cool alchemist keeping to the shade, mediating the match… (⌐▨_▨)_且
…and Lila joining in, and becoming SUPER competitive about it. (@O@;)
Atelier Ryza ~Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega~ - Lila Decyrus - 1/7 - Swimsuit Ver. (Wonderful Works)
Because a warrior woman of her level doesn’t slack on anything. She’ll go all out to win, either in armor or in a swimsuit!
This awesome figure of Lila Decyrus by figure maker Wonderful Works is scheduled to release in April 2023. Pre-orders are currently open٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶
Since no beach ball in this world or the next can survive Lila’s fatal drive, I’m pretty sure that after that serve it was game over. ( ̄︶ ̄ ;) That’s probably why Ryza’s back at the ruins where she had left her belongings.
Ryza Stout figure 2
A cute red bird rests on her shoulder at the end of a fun-filled, sunny afternoon. Note how the palette of the figure is mostly earth tones, with only a couple key details in brighter colors: the bird, Ryza’s shorts, and her bright yellow vest…
Max Factory Reisalin Stout figure no vest
…which is removable! And by removing it you reveal more details, which add to the realism of the figure.            ( ˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
But I think the brightest point of this figure is her smile. The joyful, satisfied smile of a young lady who just had the best day of her life can’t be topped by anything else in the world! (❁˶⌒∀⌒)♡
Reisalin Stout figure closeup
This relaxed figure of Ryza is set to release in December 2022. Pre-orders are currently open, so check out our store page!
And while you’re there, take a look at our selection of Atelier Ryza figures. We have some already in stock, such as this incredibly detailed figure of Ryza by Wonderful Works, or this powerful figure of Lila by MegaHouse
Atelier Ryza figures
Standard Lila by Alter will be released at the end of March 2022; then, in November 2022 we’ll see a cheeky figure of Ryza by Phat Company(  ̄ω ̄ )
With our point rewards, choosing between your favorite figures isn’t difficult. To be the first to learn about our special offers, Early Bird discounts, and bonus point campaigns, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram(๑・ω-)
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Until next time! ヾ(^∇^)

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