Pikachu gets a shocking makeover in this POLYGO release!

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Today’s Early Bird special is a uncommon interpretation of one of anime’s most famous and widely recognized characters - Pikachu!
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo No Background
POLYGO introduces this famous Pokemon in their trademark style. POLYGO’s design is based off the concept of building unique layers together to build a character’s form, creating an exceptional geometric design. The glossy finish ties it all together.
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo  Top Side
Considering the design of this figure, Pikachu looks more like an art piece than a figure. His signature red cheek pouches are now octagonal and even his sweet smile is a bit jagged.
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo In Hand
This Pikachu figure is even posable! You can move Pikachu’s ears and tail to create a different style with this artistic figure.
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo Posable
If you’re a Pokemon fan, this Pikachu is a truly special addition to your collection! Pre-order with Solaris Japan and save 11% off. Gotta collect them all!
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo Release Poster
“The famous electric-type Pokemon, Pikachu, gets a makeover with this POLYGO release from Sentinel. Pikachu’s design is made up of a number of small, flat surfaces which creates an almost polygon-like form, reminiscent of his origins of the first Pokemon games! You can move his ears and tail around. Add this iconic character to your collection today!’
Pocket Monsters - Pikachu - Polygo All Releases
P.S. Pikachu isn’t the only Pokemon getting the POLYGO treatment. Get Met-Two and Charizard to complete your collection of this release!!
Pocket Monsters - Mewtwo - Polygo (Sentinel)

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