Okita Souji makes her fiery entrance as a Fate/Grand Order 1/7th scale figure!

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I am the one that cleaves demons, pierce gods and manage the prayers of men. Majin, Okita Souji.”

AQUAMARINE is back at it again with yet another awesome figure, this time of Okita Souji’s alter ego, or Majin, from the Fate series!
Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji figure
This powerful character from the Fate/Grand Order game is brought to life with great attention to detail. Her fierce gaze peeks out from under her voluminous bangs, begging for a fight!
Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji figure closeup
From behind, Souji’s hair blows with the wind, enunciating her commanding stance. A delicate black ribbon brings a nice contrast to her long, pearly hair.
Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji figure back 
Perhaps one of the most spellbinding features of this figure is her odachi blade, “Purgatory.” A massive sword that towers even over her own height, Souji’s weapon is carefully detailed and includes beautiful seals and a vibrant red sageo.

Blaze up, Purgatory. It is your turn.”

Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji figure side
To match the beastly weapon, Souji also wields a massive flame in her left hand.
Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji figure top half
Even Souji’s boots have been crafted with detail to match her fierceness. She towers in her trademark heel-less platform boots. The sharp cutouts, outlined in gold, bring a wonderful depth to her design.  
This 1/7th scale Fate/Grand Order figure is a must for any collector or fan!
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Fate/Grand Order Okita Souji pre-release figure
“From the ‘Fate/Grand Order’ series comes an Alter Ego/Okita Souji figure! Okita Souji’s alter ego, specializing in the Deterrent Force through adjusting her Saint Graph, has been wonderfully imagined in this wonderful 1/7th scale figure! She stands on unique boots that have sculpted to look amazing from any angle, while her long hair and cape blow with the wind. She wields a large flame in her left hand, her right hand holding her odachi sword Purgatory which has been delicately detailed. This alternate version Okita Souji is a much needed addition to your collection!”
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