Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s Sword Wielding Beauty: Scarlet

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There is a common theme of people hating on gacha games but playing them non-stop. Collecting things is fun and if pokemon teaches us anything, it's "gotta catch them all!" Or maybe it's just a gambling addiction.

Don't do gacha, kids [Odd Taxi]
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Regardless, people seem to love them. And what else do people love? If you ask the Korean developer Shift Up, the answer is rather simple. Butts! Before releasing the newest in finely crafted derrieres, Stellar Blade, Shift Up released Nikke, a gacha game that has become notorious for its rear angled camera placement. Butts might be the hook, but there is plenty more to love about Nikke!

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is as an engaging third-person shooter ARPG, captivating gamers since its 2022 mobile debut. Set against a vibrant anime backdrop, the game's combat system is a thrilling dance of swift character transitions and strategic skill deployment. This compelling concept propelled the game to an impressive financial triumph, securing over $70 million USD within the first month post-launch.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke set in a post-apocalyptic future where the surface of the Earth was overthrown by mechanical aliens, called Raptures. The surviving humans fled underground and produced artificial soldiers called Nikkes. The story follows a Commander and his squad who hope to reclaim the surface.

Players use a harem squad of up to five well endowed characters, known as Nikkes. Like many of the recent popular gacha games, these beautiful warriors engage in a tactical dance of warfare on a dystopian battlefield. As a third-person shooter, players direct their aim to unleash and duck behind cover to reload.

Each Nikke brandishes a unique firearm and embodies one of five elemental forces. Having the right mix is essential for taking on the toughest goes. Character expansion is, of course, driven by a gacha system. That includes special limited time banners and collabs. What collaboration would go great with the sci-fi butt shooter I wonder...

The game starts with a pretty intense anime cutscene which introduces the post-apocalyptic future where humanity clings to survival beneath the earth's surface. Mecha invaders called the Rapture, ravage the world above as humans seek shelter below. To fight back, military contractors decide to convert women and children into powerful obedient soldiers called Nikkes. You take the role of Commander, using the Nikke's to reclaim Earth.

Scarlet: Wandering Swordswoman

One Nikke that really stands out is the long range sword fighter, Scarlet. While she is clearly wielding a sword, the game classifies Scarlet's weapon as an Assault Rifle allowing her to be effective in gun battles.

Unlike most Nikke's, Scarlet lives on the surface, with a life of a ronin. Being a master of the blade and wandering the surface with no strong allegiances, she is an intriguing character to get to know. Accustomed to close-quarters combat, fear is a foreign concept to her. She is partial to a good drink and often has a playful smirk on her face. In the crazy world of Nikke, it's best not to take things so seriously.

With the game being a few years old, more and more figures from the series are popping up. Thanks to Good Smile, we have a very nice Scarlet figure available for pre-order. Scheduled to release in mid 2025, if you pre-order early you can receive an early bird discount!

Scarlet will enchant you with her mischievous grin, peaking out beneath the wide brim of her traditional tsunogasa hat.

Her hat is detachable, allowing a variety of ways to exhibit her charm. If you prefer a softer look, or just a smaller profile, GSC has you covered!

The unique design of her attire and her trusty swords have been crafted to showcase all of the intricate details that demand attention.

Scarlet's outfit has a lot going on and could easily become a messy visual. Things however came together nicely and from the front, Scarlet is relatively unobstructed. From behind, you can see how truly busy it is.

If you are a fan of Scarlet's aesthetic, there is another figure of an original character you may like. Designed by SWAV, this figure would make an excellent pair with Scarlet and in my opinion would display rather well together!
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