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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
What would happen if a chess champion and a quantum computer had a child?
Good Smile Company 1/7 Shiro re-release
That’s right! That child would still lose miserably to Shiro. That was a stupid question, I know…because nothing can beat 『  』. I would bet money that they wouldn’t even beat Shiro just by herself. ( ̄︶ ̄ )
Phat Company is re-releasing this super cute figure of the brains behind 『  』! The original one debuted back in 2016, then again in 2018. The brother-sister duo are personified essences of what makes Imanity such a great people: Shiro is the intellect, while Sora is the cunning.
Of course, they are not without faults, but it is what makes them the perfect representatives of the “weakest” of Ixseed’s social hierarchy. The tale of the least of all peoples taking on a world *against* magical beings using nothing but their own excellence and familial bond (as opposed to just relying on said beings all the time) is very refreshing!
But as Sora said himself, “all our needs, desires, instincts seek cuteness.” We’re not diminishing the value of his wit, but today the one who shines is Shiro. She has what is needed to lead her army to victory as a beacon of righteousness!
( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)=o==[]::::::::::>
Good Smile 1/7 Shiro closeup
Yes, this girl is nothing short of cute, but be careful — underestimating Shiro could lead to your downfall. This doe-eyed mastermind has conquered the hearts of many an animated chess piece and there’s a reason she’s cradling the world in her tiny hands. And those details! We can’t help but take a minute to appreciate how absolutely beautiful the minute planet is.
Good Smile Shiro back
After taking in the small details, our eyes instantly divert to her hair, which is tinged with the iridescence that permeates Disboard. She almost looks like Jibril (and I confess I got them mixed up a couple of times), which is not without some merit: I bet you she’s as smart as a Flügel and worthy of a seat in Avant Heim.
Also, casually wearing the crown as if it were a scrunchie? Such an alpha move!
Good Smile Shiro main
At her feet are the throne of Elkia and chibi versions of everyone else: poker-faced Izuna is just chilling, Sora looks more like a fox than the werebeast pup with that grin of his, Jibril drools over the tablet…and poor Steph is obediently sitting, waiting for her masters to come release her from the role of royal puppy. (UTᴥT)❣
These little ones are what make this figure so great, because you get to bring the entire main cast home!
Everyone sits nicely on a chessboard base, complete with a bevel that is also reminiscent of a chess piece. The varnished wood look is so well done it’s hard to believe everything’s made of plastic! Other releases of the series by the same maker, such as summer season Shiro (pre-order, November release), little Jibril (pre-order, August release), Steph (available now), and Schwi (pre-order, April 2022 release) also have that chess-themed base.
ngnl figures 
We’re juuuuuust shy of the 16 pieces needed to make a chess army…maybe Phat Company will surprise us with something in the future? *wink wink*  (๑・ω-)
So, do you want to challenge the coregent of Imanity? What is your wager?
Whatever it is, don’t forget to have fun!
We hope you enjoyed this one!
Aschente! \ (˘ ▽ ˘)

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