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Welcome to the Solaris Blog! ヾ( ʚ̴̶̷  .̫ ʚ̴̶̷ )ノ”
You might have already noticed if you’ve checked out our checkout within the past week (^^ゞ
…but we’ve just introduced 9 new payment methods to our shop!
In case you’re wondering what each method is and who it might be for, read on for a full overview of all our accepted payment methods~ 
Also this is IMPORTANT!
All of our orders are still only accepted in JPY. So while you can pay in various currencies, please be aware that the amount will be converted as displayed on the checkout page and the final transaction amount on our end will be received as JPY.
Credit Card
There’s nothing really special about this one - it’s your usual credit card payment option and nothing new on Solaris Japan. 
Also, not new nor anything fancy. PayPal is a huge name when it comes to making payments so 'nuff said~ ^^
Worldwide [ ₿ ]
For those holding some Bitcoin, you can use it to pay for an order through BitPay! 
China [ ¥ ]
This is one of our new additions and is a digital wallet from Alibaba. Think Venmo, but Chinese. 
South Korea [ ₩ ]
Another digital wallet but in South Korea. Same deal as above — think Venmo, but South Korean. 
Belgium [ € ]
Belgium’s most popular payment method for shopping online or in-stores — in fact, there’s more Bancontact cards in circulation than there are Belgians!
Germany [ € ]
An interbank payment service supported by most major banks in Germany. No registration is required and offers secure access to pay with your bank account.
Poland [ zł ]
A mobile payment service that lets you pay using a BLIK code and your banking app. 
🇦🇹 🇧🇪 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇳🇱 🇵🇱 🇪🇸 🇨🇭 🇬🇧
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom [ € ]
Fast and secure bank transfer payments! You can authenticate the transfer through your bank’s online interface to send funds. 
Poland [ € ]
This payment option integrates with all Polish banks to allow you to pay directly from your bank account. 
Portugal [ € ]
Portugal’s most popular payment option lets you pay with your bank account online or via ATM!
Singapore [ S$ ]
GrabPay is a massively popular payment option in Singapore — using this payment can earn your GrabRewards points too. 

by Emi

If I’m not at work making money, then I’m usually out wasting it at game centers, karaoke, or cafes. よろしく!

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Zero One

Nice… my dream is still to pay your awesome products
with a simple “Paysafecard” one day. :)


This is great news, thank you!


It’s a pity that there is no payment method Unionpay

Israel G

Would be nice if start accepting google pay aswell, thank you.


Wow, I live in Poland. That is a huge update.

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