Nachoneko: The Independent VTuber Behind Gawr Gura's Design

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The VTuber trend has really exploded with companies like Hololive and Nijisanji reaching revenues in the billions of dollars. In fact, the Global VTuber market is expected to reach almost 30 billion USD by 2029. With so much money on the table, everyone wants to get in on the action.

Thanks to ever improving technology, more people can easily produce high-quality virtual avatars. Geographical and linguistic obstacles are becoming much more minor with translation software. The big VTuber agencies may have the biggest slice of the pie, but smaller independent VTubers can be just as successful!

Just take Nachoneko for example. Making her debut back in 2021 she has grown to having almost 400K subscribers on her Twitch and YouTube pages. Prior to becoming a VTuber, Nachoneko was an illustrator who did occasional streams on her Twitch channel. Her growth since debuting has been exponential!

If you think her virtual avatar looks a bit familiar, you might have seen her streaming with one of her “daughters.” Before becoming a VTuber herself, Nachoneko created character designs for several other VTubers. This includes Gawr Gura, Araka Luto and Draki Kona.

Nachoneko’s talent for creating cute character designs matching captivating personalities led her to think… Could she do it herself? The answer is a very big YES!

And now this virtual artistic cat girl will have a figure available towards the end of the year thanks to FuRyu! Nachoneko designed her own avatar and FuRyu took her illustration and recreated it in figure form.

One of the most striking features of Nachoneko is her eyes. The big beautiful blue eyes with slit cat-like pupils have a fantastic paint job. The light blush on her cheeks looks good and her smile has that sly, cat-like charm. For those who are fans of the fang, if you look closely at her mouth, the cuteness is revealed.

Nachoneko's outfit has also been reproduced with a high level of detail. I was very impressed that they managed to model the slits near the elbows that give you a glimpse of her arms only at certain angles.

FuRyu added little paw decorations in various places and kept all of the minor details to Nachoneko's outfit. Her hair clip is accurate and the ribbon and collar around her neck are nicely sculpted.

The pose is top tier! It has all of the moe elements of a cat reaching out to playfully swat you. This is a special pose reserved only for the most adorable kitties ฅ^. ̫ .^ฅ From behind it stays safe for work but her tail sticking out keeps things interesting.

Nachoneko's hair was also nicely sculpted. It flows along her body in a realistic way and the messy style works well with the overall visual. Cats tend to be lazy so bed head fits rather well.

To spice up the pedestal, they included a paw mark. In addition, you get the extra pillow accessories which can add a bit of depth to the somewhat simple base. Of course these can be freely displayed or removed to your liking!

With so many VTubers out there grinding away, there is plenty to love. We would love to know who your favorite is!
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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