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I spend A LOT of time looking at anime figures, and not just for work. Occasionally I come across something and just think… why? Today, let me introduce you to the Mushroom Girls. I have never looked at a mushroom and thought oh mah gawd! Cute! But, somehow these figures work.
The Mushroom Girls is a collection of figures which Reverse Studio manufactures and is illustrated by Star Shadow Magician. Both of which aren't all that well known but have a pretty good portfolio. Reverse Studio did a really nice job with their OTs-14 damaged figure keeping it classy but still faithful.
Star Shadow Magician is responsible for the art used to create the adorable Tea Time Cats and the ecchi Uma Maid Midori-chan.
So, why mushrooms? Why, not! With 4 released or available for pre-order, they all look good so far. Each mushroom girl is based on a particular mushroom species, and the creation is centered around the mushroom visual.


Starting with number 1, we have Benitengutake. The mushroom girls are named using the Japanese nomenclature, which for this one is Himebenitengutake (ヒメベニテングタケ). The more common name for this fungi is the red volva amanita. It is a species of poisonous mushroom which is edible if prepared correctly.
The mushroom itself is fairly iconic. The bright red cap with white warts on top has been used in a lot of different media. It appears in fairy tales, anime, games and despite being poisonous, is more of a symbol of happiness. Even the mushroom emoji is modeled after it 🍄
This mushroom set in a fantasy world deserves an equally fantasy filled figure. Reverse Studio and Star Shadow Magician wholly deliver. The mushroom girl herself is given an old timey, fairy tale aesthetic. The dress is cute and the sculpt has quite a bit of detail. The ruffles on the bottom are expertly done and the painting for the decorations are clean and crisp.
To go one step further, using a glossy paint for her shoes and parts of her dress contrasting with a matte finish for the apron adds depth to the visual and makes it feel more genuine.
The sculpt is dainty and cute. Using the mushroom as an umbrella was a genius idea and works incredibly well. The little water droplet is a much appreciated added touch. The angle keeps the mushroom girl unobstructed so all of the detail can be appreciated. No corners were cut with this one and even her braids look fantastic.
The base is also very much a big contribution to the figure. It Is covered in leaves and has a decent amount of shading throughout. Each leaf and both mushrooms are sculpted and shaded with the same attention to detail as the rest of the figure.
Some of the mushroom girls even come with an assembly book illustrated by Star Shadow Magician. You could honestly display it along with the figure. There have been some comments online however that assembly is a bit tricky. The umbrella is a tight fit and with it being thin, it could break if you apply too much pressure. Affixing her to the base is simple but she is a bit unstable so be careful when moving her!


For number two, we have Kinugasatake, a mushroom that would definitely be on my top 10 list of things to not eat. Commonly called the bamboo mushroom or bridal veil mushroom, it is a delicacy in many Asian countries. The mushroom is easily identified by the conical to bell-shaped cap on a stalk and its delicate, lacy skirt.
I might not want to eat a Kinugasatake mushroom but dang, the mushroom girl is a feast for the eyes. With a princess-like elegance, this mushroom girl turns yuck, into yum. You get the same level of detail with each of the figures and there are elements that remain consistent.
The base of Kinugasatake is equally as intricate as Benitengutake. The leaf matter and bridal veil mushroom are nicely sculpted and have great shading.
The mushroom is utilized as an umbrella for each of the mushroom girls. Star Shadow Magician gave it a parasol style design and Kinugasatake takes on a victorian-esque theme. The dress looks a bit more regal than Benitengutake and the white color scheme may create a princess-like atmosphere.
Despite the more subdued color palette for Kinugasatake, she still really pops. The red headband and pendant, along with the color from the base works well with the pale visual. You also have the option of face plates, and with her eyes open, Kinugasatake has gorgeous red eyes!

Coprinus Comatus

Mushroom girl number 4 is Coprinus Comatus. This mushroom more commonly known as the shaggy ink cap is pretty unique. This fungus has white bell-shaped caps covered with scales, giving a kind of shaggy look.
The gills beneath the cap turn black once mature and melt into a liquid filled with spores. The mushroom will turn black and dissolve itself in just a few hours after being picked. Is this the mushroom kingdom version of seppuku?
Coprinus Comatus has a similar white color scheme as Kinugasatake but this time the accent color is black. To add a bit more color variation, some green clovers were added to the base, sprouting up around the young shaggy ink caps.
The mature mushroom showcases the melting ink but again works very well as an umbrella. The scales on the mushroom are acceptable, but it is the weakest part of the figure.
For this figure, we take a trip to Nihon. Coprinus Comatus outfit design is reminiscent of a kimono. The dress has some nice details with bows and painted imprints.
The pose and expression are extremely adorable. The purple eyes blend in nicely. Coprinus Comatus’s long black hair also fits the theme and works well.


Last up at mushroom girl number 5 is Mannentake. Meaning 10,000-year mushroom in Japanese, this fungi also called reishi is a reddish brown, kidney-shaped mushroom with a fan-like appearance. In nature, it grows at the base and stumps of trees and is extremely rare. Only two or three out of 10,000 trees will have mannentake growth.
The mushroom plays some significant cultural importance in China. It was used in traditional Chinese medicines and can be used to make psychedelic drinks. After consuming said drink, you would be infused with magical energy and in ancient times, the mushroom was said to be the personification of nobility.
Having a long history rooted in China, Mannentake takes on a Chinese aesthetic. Her dress has some nice gold accents and the long sleeves give a very moe look. The glossy paint adds contrast and is effective at mimicking a silky texture.
Her hair is one of the big selling points. It looks great, and the accessories are a nice touch. If you look closely you will also notice heterochromia eyes which is a nice subtle detail that makes Mannentake that much more unique.
The base is simple but effective. It doesn’t have the leaf litter that was present in the others, but the cleaner look is just as good. The shading on the wood and bit of contrast with the green moss and grass look great!

No. 3: The Missing Mushroom Girl

You may have noticed that I skipped a girl. Mushroom girl number 3 is Tamogitake but she is currently in development purgatory. Reverse Studios had announced Tamogitake prior to girls number 4 and 5 but she has yet to have a pending release. There has not been any official announcement as to why there is a delay but it may be attributed to feedback. After seeing the prototype figure, many collectors were a bit underwhelmed by the simple base and unhappy with the coloration. She is very yellow but that doesn't make her a bad fellow. Let’s just hope she isn’t canceled and just being reworked!
These figures really work well together. Each has its own unique theme and visual but since they have similar design elements it is very easy to build a nice looking collection! This is a fun figure series and a clever concept. Since Star Shadow Magician has 8 designs for the mushroom girls, there is a good chance that we may see 3 more in the future.
Being surprisingly popular despite being an original concept, these may be difficult to find on the secondary market. If you love the designs, you can secure Coprinus Comatus and Mannentake by pre-ordering today!
Let us know which mushroom girl is your favorite.
Thank you for reading!

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