Megumin is heating things up with an explosion version figure from Shibuya Scramble!

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Today’s Shop Exclusive is a 1/7 scale figure of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuko wo!’s Megumin unleashing her beloved explosion attack. ୧༼ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ✿༽୨
Megumin explosion version Shibuya Scramble Figure by eStream main
“Behold my power!”
We’ve already waxed poetic about Shibuya Scramble Figure by eStream’s next-level Albedo swimsuit version figure and, based on Megumin, their recreations of anime scenes are looking to be just as exciting as their original designs!
Megumin explosion version Shibuya Scramble Figure by eStream main gray background
Megumin already looks awesome on her own, but treating the base as part of the figure’s sculpt seems to be Shibuya Scramble’s thing.(^v^)
Megumin side front view
Seeing the familiar fiery patterns on the base transition to deep purple flames rising up around her really brings this action scene to life!
Megumin front angle
 In our eyes, it’s a nearly seamless combination of a dynamic sculpt and traditional base that we bet Megumin herself would rave about as a fitting tribute to her greatness. ᕦ( ⊡ 益 ⊡ )ᕤ
Megumin staff star
There are also a nice variety of finishes! The shine of the flames alongside the matte of the enormous star and smaller sparkles bursting from her staff are thoughtful touches that are part of what make figures like this so fun to dive into.
Megumin cape 1 
Shiny stuff aside, Megumin’s cape is channeling a level of drama that’s only to be expected from the arch wizard (or any member of the party if we’re being honest). (¬‿¬ ;;)
Megumin cape 2
The way her cape lifts and flutters as the flame whips around her is done so perfectly, you can basically feel the rush of warm air whoosh past you. “(∿°○°)∿”
And check out just how cool Megumin’s staff is from this angle! It makes sense that the orb is purple since she’s attacking, but we haven’t seen a figure replicate this since her figma, so it got us feeling giddy. It was also clever to use the star to support the orb instead of a clear piece of plastic. ٩(ˊ〇ˋ*)و 
Another member of the KonoSuba cast is here! Chomusuke is looking adorable (as always) while pointing dead ahead at Megumin’s target~ 
Chomusuke art background
With her familiar cheering her on, Megumin looks like she’s positively burning with determination. (ಸ ‿ ಸ)
Megumin outfit 1
Megumin’s overall outfit design is simple, but the makers have turned up the level of detail. Her textured hair and choppy bangs frame her vibrant crimson eyes just right and complement her more theatrical cape. d(^_☆)
Megumin outfit 2
The shading and folds of her outfit also makes her jump from 2D to 3D even more impressive! Instead of a plain red, the cloth looks much richer and her boots really resemble leather. 
Megumin outfit 3 art background
Her thigh-high stocking and bandages are looking just as good with subtle shading of their own and a slight cling to her legs.
Megumin no hat 1
Bonus points for this figure! You can take Megumin’s hat off. Σ(・o・) 
Megumin no hat 2 art background
Thankfully, this mage doesn’t have to worry about hat hair — magnets do all the work so she looks great with or without her giant accessory. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
Megumin no hat 4
Now that we think about it, it’s strange that her hat never seems to fly off given the nuclear-level blasts she throws around on the daily. We just hope Chomusuke didn’t get blown away in this case. (゚ω゚;) 
Megumin last photo
“All else aside, I don’t want to be outdone by anyone else when it comes to explosion magic!”
If you’ve been holding out for an amazing KonoSuba figure, this one is calling your name. Megumin is available on Solaris Japan so don’t miss your chance to pre-order her now! (o^∀^o)

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