Demonically divine Albedo is ready for a swim in this breathtaking Shibuya Scramble figure!

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Today’s Shop Exclusive is a gorgeous 1/7 scale swimsuit version of Albedo from Overlord!
Albedo Shibuya Scramble Figure eStream main
Shibuya Scramble Figure by eStream may be new to the scene, but after seeing their Rem Crystal Dress figure that single-handedly redefined what themed anime figures could look like, we were speechless. 
Albedo Shibuya Scramble Figure eStream closeup
They’ve been hitting us with powerhouse waifu after waifu and have now blessed us with the Guardian Overseer herself. ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡ Albedo in a bikini is already a gift, but Shibuya Scramble went 20 steps further and turned this succubus in to a full-on goddess.
Albedo closeup
She’s sexy, classy, and her expression reflects her programming of devotion and loyalty~ 
Albedo bikini
We wonder how Ainz would react if she wore this in Nazarick. 乁( ˙ ω˙乁)
Albedo horizontal
It seems no detail was too small for the designers. The combined gold clasp, jewel, and sheer spider web of fabric draped over her bikini makes for an elegant revisioning of her normal dress. 
Albedo closeup vertical
It even looks as though the sheer fabric flows into the swirling water around her. surrounding her. (ʘᗩʘ’) How do you get plastic to look like that?!
Albedo main
The water has such a clean gradient and, wait, wow. That’s the base. The gradient, translucency and how the water is shaped is so well done that it reminds us of glass.
Nichijou shut up and take my money
So, at this point, should we classify this work of art as a figure or a sculpture? …c(゚^ ゚ ;)...
Albedo vertical side
Annnd we’re already distracted by even more things after seeing Albedo from a different angle.  
As individual elements, her wings and hair look killer from this perspective. However, this angle also gives us a sense of how much the designers took the flow of the figure into consideration — the hair falls toward the water, which then swoops downward at the same angle her wings are curved. 
⊂(©෴©)つ ok
Albedo horizontal angled
Yes, we get that these are promotional photos, but now we’re seriously wondering if this Albedo has any “bad” angles. 
Albedo main flight
Nope. ( ︶︿︶) She looks like she’s mid-flight here.
Albedo main back
And our bet is still a hard no — the sheer fabric waterfalling behind her as the water arcs around her is yet another beautiful touch. No matter the angle, this figure is mind-blowingly stunning.
Shibuya Scramble is shaping up to be a heavy hitter in the world of figures and Albedo will definitely shine no matter where you decide to display her. But before that, make sure you don’t miss out!
Albedo is available for pre-order now on Solaris Japan now, and Shalltear fans, don’t despair! The true vampire has a swimsuit figure of her own that’s just as divine and is also available for pre-order. (o^∀^o)

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