Taking our loyalty program to the next level!

We're excited to announce our new tier ranks, launching June 1, 2021!*

We’re introducing four new tier ranks which means you’ll get even more points the more you shop! So how exactly does it work?

Solaris Japan Loyalty Program Tier Ranks
There are a total of four new tiers, not including our standard system of 1% back in points from your purchase. These tiers are:
PLATINUM: earn 5% back in points when you spend ¥200,000+ a month
GOLD: earn 4% back in points when you spend ¥100,000+ a month
SILVER: earn 3% back in points when you spend ¥60,000+ a month
BRONZE: earn 2% back in points when you spend ¥20,000+ a month 
No tier: earn 1% back in points for future purchases
The amount you spend in a calendar month (e.g. May, September, etc) will determine your tier ranking for the following month. This means your ranking may change from month-to-month, depending on your total amount spent in the previous month.
For example, let’s say you spend ¥107,000 in May – you’ll earn Gold rank in the following month of June (since you exceeded the minimum spend amount of ¥100,000 for this tier). From June 1 to 30, you will now have Gold-rank status. However, let’s say you spent a total ¥31,000 in June. This means your tier rank will drop to Bronze in July, the following month.

While the tier ranks don’t kick in until June 1, 2021, your purchases in May will count towards your rank at launch so start shopping and get ready to level up! 


Any other questions? Check out some of our FAQ below!
How is my tier rank determined?
Your tier rank in any given calendar month is dependent upon the total amount you spent in the preceding calendar month. All times and dates are in JST.
How long do I keep my tier rank?
Your tier rank is effective for the duration of the calendar month – e.g. January 1-31.
Is there a way to keep my tier rank for longer?
Yes, but only if you spend at least the minimum required amount for the tier.
Can I postpone when I get my tier rank?
Unfortunately, no.
We’ll be adding more to our FAQs as we get ready to launch, so make sure to keep your eyes out for more updates!
*Your purchases in May 2021 will count towards your tier rank in June. Please note that the launch date can change without notice. 

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