Lan WangJi awaits his love’s return in Nendoroid form!

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Today’s Early Bird comes from the hugely popular Mo Dao Zu Shi series: Lan WangJi!
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Guqin
The taciturn cultivator of the Lan clan has been shrunk down into an adorable Nendoroid! He comes outfitted in his Gusu Lan robes, which flutter just slightly in the wind. He also wears his sacred white headband, whose ends are made to billow behind him.
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Side Angle
Lan WangJi comes with three different face plates so you can recreate your favorite scenes! His standard expression is more neutral and highlights his golden eyes. The second is a more perturbed expression: his eyebrows are crossed and his cheeks are a little red. This expression is perfect for recreating scenes with Wei Wuxian!
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Annoyed Face
His third faceplate is with his eyes closed in an almost peaceful way.
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Eyes Closed
Lan WangJi comes with a number of optional parts too! He has his guqin, Wangji, and his sword, Bichen, which is sheathed. He also comes with a small white and ginger rabbit that he can hold in his arms. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Rabbit
Lan WangJi is a perfect addition to your collection! Pre-order today and save 17% with Solaris Japan!
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 No Background
“From the Mo Dao Zu Shi series, or Master of Diabolism/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, comes Lan WangJi in his Nendoroid form! This release lets you pose him with three different expressions: neutral, annoyed, and eyes closed. He also comes with his guqin, sword, and a rabbit. Make sure you add him to your collection!”
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan WangJi - Nendoroid #1109 Release Poster
P.S. Lan WanJi has already waited 13 years for his love - don’t make him wait any more. Check out Wei Wuxian’s Nendoroid pre-order!

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