Kuro: The Black Cat Swordswoman

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Hobby Sakura has really been on a tear recently with great figures. They excel at finding interesting original characters and concepts from large and small creators and bring them to life. Checking out our catalog of Hobby Sakura figures, you can clearly see their focus on the bishoujo market and their keen eye for interesting visuals!
Hobby Sakura has recently announced a new figure based on an illustration by Kirino (桐野). Kirino is exceptionally talented and their artwork showcases very expressive characters, dynamic poses and great backgrounds. If you check out their pixiv page, you can find a plethora of fan art and their own unique creations. It is no surprise that Hobby Sakura picked up one of their original characters to make into a figure.
Meet Kuro, the perfect mix of moe and might. Kuro is currently available for pre-order with an estimated release at the end of 2024. She is also eligible for an early bird discount so you can save 15% by reserving early! Before you decide, let's see what's so special about her.
Kuro stands atop rubble with composure and grace. Her poised stance matches her cool, calm expression. Her hand resting on the hilt of her weapon shows she is ready for action but the slight hip tilt gives an air of safety.
The color scheme also works well. While the outfit is mostly black, Kirino keeps things visually interesting by adding some highlights. Kuro's blue hair and blue tie synergize well with the dark color palette and the white button down shirt is just enough contrast. The darker colors also help make Kuro's yellow eyes and pale complexion pop!
The sunglasses look pretty good with some added shading to try to make them look realistic. Hobby Sakura has also decided to use both glossy and matte paint to add further depth to the visual and simulate different textures. Kirino's decision to add some cat ears is always appreciated and always adds some cuteness.
The details on her skirt and weapons are also very well done. Aside from the wrinkles and shading on Kuro's skirt, the smaller elements like the belts and clasps have a lot of attention to detail. The gun blade with her sunglasses give a slightly steampunk aesthetic.
Kuro's military-esq platform shoes and the torn/frayed edge of her skirt are just another example of Hobby Sakura's dedication to fully realizing a 2D image to 3D.
From behind we can see the other cat aspect, her tail. We can also appreciate Kuro's weaponry. The difference in size between the gun blade and two smaller swords adds intrigue. What kind of fighter is Kuro? How does she utilize her tools? For such a relatively simple design, it is captivating in more ways than one.
Kirino has created other characters with a similar style to Kuro. We may get to see more figures based on their art in the future. I think this could be a great start to a new figure collection!
Thank you for reading! Leave a comment and let us know what you think about Kuro!

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