Io from Code Vein gets her first scale figure!

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Today’s Early Bird special is Io from the hit game Code Vein! 
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 GIF
Your trustworthy companion as you venture through Vein, Io has now become a gorgeous 1/7th scale figure in Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J lineup. 
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Io Closeup
Her unique pose is based off of the game’s artwork, which captures her stunning beauty and loyal personality perfectly.  
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Game Artwork
Her captivating yellow eyes stare almost blankly ahead as she awaits the return of the protagonist. Juxtaposed against the darker colors of the Queenslayer Blade and the muted colors of her hair and clothes, her eyes really do make quite the impact!
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Io Face Closeup
But there are definitely some other eye-catching aspects to this figure - namely her tattered outfit! Her short dress is noticeably frayed at her chest, but also exposes quite a bit of skin from behind, giving you a lovely glimpse at her curved back. Of course, Io’s lace accents and bandages have also been carefully recreated. 
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Back
Io really does stand out as her pale look is such a sharp contrast to the darker colors of the Queenslayer Blade. 
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 No Base
While of course it’s hard to take your eyes away from Io’s beauty, the Queenslayer Blade is equally deserving of your attention with its careful paintwork and meticulous sculpt. Standing tall as it pierces through the ground, the blade is made to look as realistic as possible as it glints in the light, whereas the guard of the sword looks dirtied and worn. 
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Queenslayer Blade
The base of the figure also adds to the darker tones of its look. The stone vigil of Cerberus sits atop a large blood splatter that has clear effect parts to add to its realness.
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Base
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Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Front No Background
“She’ll always be by your side…
The beautiful Io, from the hit RPG Code Vein, is now a scale figure! Recreated from the game artwork, Io is posed cradling a large Queenslayer Blade that has embedded itself in the Cerberus sigil below. You can appreciate the dark setting around the beautiful Io, who stares ahead in anticipation of the hero’s return. Don’t keep her waiting - order her today!”
Code Vein - Io - ARTFX J - 1/7 Release Poster

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