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Life is like a box of Gojo Satorus… 
It’s empty
Okay, maybe not. Life is not empty. Life is blessed with amazing anime and manga series with casts full of heartthrobs like Jujutsu Kaisen. The heartthrob is, of course, our beautiful white-haired sensei. 
a box of Gojo Satoru, though…
While season 2 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is not coming out until fall this year, the manga just unveiled an exciting development. It has been making waves throughout the A&M community over the last few days, putting JJK on the top of the hype chart (alongside the bright and cheerful idol anime Oshi no Ko). 
For those who are not caught up on the JJK manga, look. away. now
The box of Gojo Satoru… is empty.


You heard it folks!!! Long have we waited since chapter 91 of the manga got uploaded. For those who forgor 💀 or are unaware, during the fast-paced, action-packed Shibuya arc (can’t wait to see it animated (o`ꇴ´o)), Kenjaku, with the help of a familiar face, trapped Gojo using a cursed object called the Prison Realm. This cursed object contains a pocket dimension that can imprison anything or anyone, with no way to escape from within. 
It had been more than a thousand days (1189 days to be exact, according to this account) and 129 banger chapters had come out since Gojo was sealed in the Prison Realm. Needless to say a lot of dramatic incidents had happened. Finally, on April 24, 2023, the latest chapter (chapter 221) of Jujutsu Kaisen dropped, and Gojo was freed from the boxed dimension with the help of his allies. Not only is his gorgeous face still there, but he has also acquired some serious GAINS! It seems he had been spending his precious free time in the gym. 
Just look at those captivating eyes. That chiseled jawline~
And with that, our highly anticipated matchup is finally happening soon: Gojo vs Sukuna - the strongest sorcerer in the current world vs the most powerful cursed spirit to ever exist. The Honored One versus the King of Curses. Who will win?!?!

Don’t worry, I’m the strongest

Now that Gojo is on the loose, what better way to celebrate Gojo’s freedom than catch him in one of his most iconic moments? This 1/7 scale figure from eStream’s SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE line recreates the sublime cover of Volume 4 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.
Dare I say they look almost exactly identical. 2D to 3D transformation doesn’t get much better than this. As always, Design COCO nails the sculpting down to a T. And apparently MAPPA is one of the distributors for this figure, so that says something about its quality. 
Standing at over 25 centimeters (~9.8 inches) tall, this version of Gojo will surely be a spectacle amongst your Jujutsu Kaisen figure collection.
Gojo. Pose. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for figures that scream action, and this one certainly fits the bill. Gojo is energetically suspended in motion through a unique center of gravity as well as the exaggerated twists and bends of his body. Balancing solely on his left leg, he leans forward with his right leg bent up, as if mocking his opponent while channeling magic through his right hand. The tilt of the upper body creates a contrast against the hand, instilling a sense of dynamism.  Everything melds together to showcase a playfully confident and intense battle pose, flawlessly capturing Gojo’s essence.
“Throughout the heavens and earth, I alone am the honored one”.
Let’s take a closer look at his face.
Gojo’s mesmerizing, powerful Six Eyes truly come alive in this figure. A lot of attention was paid to the littlest details for these bright blue eyes. The messy strands of hair are well defined and present a very natural flow, and the blueish/grayish white really pops. And I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the facial expression! Just looking at the pictures, I can imagine him mocking his opponents with his goofy antics while saying in a condescending tone: “yowai mo” (you’re weak).   
Our sensei really looks flawless from every angle, doesn’t he? ૮ ˶´ ᵕˋ ˶ა
Though Gojo’s outfit in this figure is a simple, monotone purple, it still warrants appreciation with the fine wrinkling of the cloth. The realism of the materials even extend down to his shoes which sport a glossy black color to look just like real leather Chelsea boots. Told you Design COCO knows their stuff
The base of the figure is as dynamic as Gojo himself. It boasts a nice blue gradient and sprawls out from the center into several malformed waves, enveloping the sorcerer in its otherworldly form. At first glance, it feels like Gojo is standing on water. And this water is strong — it’s fast, relentless, destructive, yet still enchanting, like Gojo’s endless stream of power. The base thus carefully simulates the flow of cursed energy, each wave yearning to rise up and occupy all of the space. 
With his blindfold removed — meaning our sensei is in “combat mode” — and a large release of cursed energy, Gojo is evoking his cursed technique or even possibly using his domain expansion. Needless to say, I’m infinitely in love.
With that said, the 1/7 scale figure of Gojo Satoru by Shibuya Scramble Figure is currently on sale for 8% off! Come get your beloved husbando while supplies last! 
And don’t forget about the King of Curses. This 1/7 Sukuna figure by FuRyu, on sale for 9% off, will help you recreate the matchup made in heaven between two living embodiments of arrogance.
In case you’re interested to see sensei in a more sinister look, check out this ghastly Gojo by FuRyu, which is expected to be released at the end of December 2023! Pre-order now to take advantage of a 10% discount and earn some points with our loyalty program!
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Until next time… keep collecting! 

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