Earn bonus points on Express shipping!

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Today, we’re rolling out a new way to earn bonus points!


When you select Express shipping for your order, you’ll earn 10% of the shipping cost back in points.
Solaris Japan Express Shipping Bonus Points
So, for example, if your Express shipping cost equals ¥8,000, you’ll receive a bonus of 800 points with your order.
Plus, the bonus points from Express shipping can actually make it a cheaper option than Regular shipping. That means you get your items faster and for less!
Express Shipping Bonus Points Discount Table
Bonus shipping points will become available one week after your order has been fulfilled, just like normal points. We are unable to retroactively apply Express shipping bonus points to orders placed before the launch of this feature - only orders placed after the launch are eligible for Express shipping bonus points. 

Get your bonus points AND faster shipping by choosing Express during checkout!


For more information about our Loyalty Point Program, make sure to check out our FAQ.
*Please note that bonus points for Express shipping are only available during checkout. Any shipping upgrades that occur after checkout will not be able to receive bonus points.

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