The merc with a mouth is back as a nendoroid!

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Today’s Early Bird special is a re-release of a nendoroid fan favorite: Deadpool!
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Front
The merc with a mouth is re- released in this ore-chan version nendoroid. What is ore-chan? That’s what Deadpool calls himself in Japanese!
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Eyes Squinted
Deadpool comes with a variety of swappable parts, including his eyes. Options include serious, happy, excited, and even heart-shaped pupils that really (and quite literally) stand out!
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Heart Eyes
In case heart pupils are just not enough, you can even disrobe his lower half to reveal a pair of heart-patterned boxers.
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Boxers
This nendoroid is delicately crafted to include a lot of special details, from the small protrusion of Deadpool’s nose from under his mask to the disfiguration of his bare skin.
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Happy
This nendoroid is really unique too in that you can pose him without the stand! As long as he is balanced correctly, he can stand upright without any help.
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Back
Have fun recreating iconic scenes of this hilarious superhero with this nendoroid rerelease and save 17% when you pre-order with Solaris Japan!
Deadpool - Nendoroid #662 - Orechan Edition Release Poster
“From the incredibly popular movie comes a nendoroid of its eponymous superstar: Deadpool! The superhero has been transformed into a cute nendoroid figure that can be customized with a variety of different parts. You can swap out either of his eyes to really create a number of different expressions. Deadpool also comes with some comic-like speech bubbles so he can tell you some of his trademark lines. To really finish the look, Deadpool even shows off his boxers, adorably adorned with little pink hearts. This nendoroid can even stand on his own - just make sure to balance him carefully! Enjoy posing Deadpool in a number of action scenes and add him to your collection!
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