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Today’s Early Bird special is Deadpool, making another debut in Kotobukiya’s Fine Art collection!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Front
The coldcast, 1/6th scale figure brings Deadpool to life with amazing attention to detail. From his outfit to his weapon, the Merc with a Mouth has been perfectly recreated!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Back
Immediately you notice the texture of his suit, which is made to have a very mesh-like appearance. His suit really brings a nice contrast to the other textures of his outfit (leather accessories and plastic boots). Check out the contrast with his eyes as well!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Top Closeup
His suit also grips tightly to his body, with the outline of his muscles clearly visible! Even his ribcage is visible through the thick suit and is incredibly detailed!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Left Side
Perhaps one of the most stunning parts of this figure is Deadpool’s katana. The blade itself looks immaculate! (๑∂▿∂๑人)♡
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Katana Focus
The effect on the blade is really incredible too! (´・ω・)ง-]—-
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Face and Blade Closeup
Last, but not least, is the base. Almost like a rocky cliff, the jutting slabs underneath Deadpool are unbelievably realistic. It really helps build the combat-like scene!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Angled Side
Fans of this assassin for hire definitely won’t want to miss this new figure release. Pre-order today and save 16% with Solaris Japan!
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Right Side
“Kotobukiya’s Fine Art lineup is getting a familiar addition: Marvel’s boisterous anti-hero Deadpool is back! With his katana poised at the ready, Deadpool is expertly crafted and detailed as he prepares for some intense combat. Every detail, from the texture of his outfit to the design of his weapons, has been recreated perfectly and at 27.5cm tall, he’s as formidable as he is breathtaking. Add him to your collection today!”
Deadpool - Fine Art Statue - 1/6 Release Poster

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