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Magi Arts is fairly fresh in the figure making scene, but they're cranking out designs with many set to launch this year and next. They have been collaborating with artists, both big and small to bring their illustrations to life. One that might have gone under your radar is the Bengal wildcat, Maria, a battle maid!
An original character designed by Chinese artist DeadPrince, Maria caught the eye of Magi Arts. They liked the design so much, they decided to create 2 versions of her in different sizes! So, what's so great about it?
This Bengal wildcat is full of elegance and grace while simultaneously showing signs of working hard. Using the suitcases as part of the base, DeadPrince created a visual that highlights Maria's long slender legs. We can get some glimpses of what makes her a battle maid. The kunai affixed beneath her skirt and the knife on her thigh shows she is always ready for action. The cat elements are limited to just the tail and ears but it is enough to add visual interest.
 Her hair looks incredible with a ton of detail. Hopefully when the figure is released, Magi Arts is able to live up to the promotional images. Her red eyes and earrings provide some good color contrast and pop. The small nose and tiny mouth just enhance the overall imagery.
The maid outfit is simple but looks decent. There isn't a ton of detail in Maria's outfit but the shading does look very good. 
The way her hand is gripping her hip looks realistic. The vibe I get is lower back pain, but that could just be the ojisan in me speaking.
To further show how hard it is to be a maid, we have an equally realistic visual of her massaging her leg.
There are 3 versions available for pre-order set to release at the end of 2024. Magi Arts is making a 1/4 scale version for those who absolutely love the design and want something bigger. In addition, a 1/7 scale version is available with the option to add a tapestry.
 As a newer company, Magi Arts does not have many released figures for us to compare their quality. The price for their figures is a bit high so it is fair to approach with caution. The general sentiment from figure collectors so far is that their quality tends to be very good. Some have had small issues with inconsistent painting quality or paint transferring and assembly for some has been difficult.
If you have a Magi Arts figure, we would love to hear your opinion! Leave us a comment with your thoughts!
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