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Today’s Early Bird special is an absolutely stunning one! It features Asuna from the “Sword Art Online” dressed in a traditional Japanese haregi!
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. No Background
This Asuna figure is sculpted after an illustration that was made solely for this figure’s creation!
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Illustration
This figure includes a number of intricate details from her head to her toes. One amazing part of this Asuna’s figure is her haregi. A haregi is a very formal type of kimono, and Asuna’s is absolutely incredible! The detailing of the ornate sakura pattern really does perfectly replicate the splendor of a haregi.  
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Side Angle
She holds up her hand to her face, which allows her long sleeves to cascade open revealing even more beautiful design work.
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Side Angle Sleeve
Matching her haregi perfectly is a small kanzashi, or hairpin. Her chestnut hair is partially braided into a half-do, while the rest of it fans out around her, adding a nice contrast to the pinks and reds of her outfit.
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Back
Even the accessories of this figure have been given an incredible amount of attention.
The stool that she sits on is sculpted wonderfully - its fabrics puckers from where it is tucked and the wood carvings are as complex as they are beautiful, noteworthy considering the stool’s actual size. The wood is painted to mimic the brilliance of lacquered wood, which really sums up the ambiance of the figure.
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Front
A really nice final touch to this figure is the base of the figure. Its deep auburn tone and sheen evoke the likeness of traditional Japanese woodwork, called shikki. A charming detail is the pattern on the base, which is reminiscent of Sword Art Online’s login loading screen.
This figure is an exciting new addition for all Sword Art Online collectors. Pre-order today and save 13% with Solaris Japan!
Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/7 - Haregi Ver. Release Poster
“Asuna, from the incredibly popular series Sword Art Online, is recreated in this gorgeous figure, sculpted from an illustration made especially for this figure. She wears a finely detailed haregi, which is patterned with beautiful cherry blossoms. The details in this 1/7th scale figure are extraordinary - the pattern itself is elaborate and her obi belt is carefully recreated.”
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