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Today’s Early Bird special comes from the Original Character series and is the perfect encapsulation of a sexy and fierce woman: Asaka Kuga!
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Front
This original character is based off of Chie Masami’s original illustration, below.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Original Illustration
Asaka Kuga is as beautiful as she is fearsome. Although a veteran, Asaka still carries around a gun which hangs casually across her back.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Back
The detailing on the gun is absolutely gorgeous. The metal buckles that adorn the gun’s strap have been painted to show the age and wear of the firearm. The smaller details, like the knobs and ridges of the barrel, have been carefully textured and recreated. The body is painted with a wonderful maroon palette that gives the firearm a lovely appearance.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Gun Closeup
Her jeans are another amazing focal point. The painting of the jeans, from the normal denim to the rips and tears, creates a realistic texture. To further strengthen her image, her jeans are littered with holes, its frayed strings painted delicately.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Jeans Closeup
To finish the amazing detailing of her outfit are her boots. They look completely realistic and have painted with two different finishes - one a more mesh-like fabric, the other of leather.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Side
Her deep purple hair billows elegantly around her as she positions her hands across the back of her head. Small licks of her hair surround her, almost like a cloud. Her expression is a mix of coolness and timidity - her eyes squint gently while her lips part and expose her teeth.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Face Closeup
Her shirt barely clings on and her pants are partially hanging, her black underwear exposed. From this exposure, we can see her battle scars as the remnants of a previous wound stretch almost the entirety of her uncovered belly.
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Bottom Upwards Angle
This figure is a cool new addition and is perfect for collectors. Pre-order her today and save 11% with Solaris Japan!
Original Character - Kuga Asaka - 1/6 Release Poster
"This 1/6th scale figure of "Kuga Asaka," as illustrated by Chie Masami, is newly released for pre-order! The resemblance to her image is breathtaking: she's tall, sexy, and has incredible curves, all while perfectly depicting her strength and coolness. With her pants unbuttoned and her shirt almost too small to fit, her underwear and chest are exposed as she wears a slightly embarrassed expression. The detailing of her distressed jeans, boots, and weapon recreate her image to the T. Have fun with Kuga Asaka!"  
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