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Mobile gaming makes up for over half of the global games market which is great news for companies like Hypergryph, NEXON and Yostar. They Produce and publish some of the best anime-stylized games, and that means waifu and husbando gacha! Thanks to the success of the mobile games, several companies have focused on creating anime shows to add to the lore and world building. Blue Archive’s anime is currently airing so they are enjoying some recent hype. Don't count Arknights out however, Season 3 was recently announced along with a nice figure of W!

Arknights: The Right Mix of Tactical RPG and Tower Defense

If you have never played Arknights, it is a fun game which combines the tactical RPG and Tower Defense genres. Developed by the Chinese developer Hypergryph, it was released globally in January of 2020 and met with positive reviews.
In Arknights, you assume the role of “Doctor,” a field commander and a military strategist for Rhodes Island. Rhodes Island is labeled a pharmaceutical company but it is probably more of a paramilitary organization. Their mission is to fight a deadly infection, both with drugs and guns!
The game is set in a dystopian, apocalyptic future on the planet Terra. Despite the grim setting, people in this world have kemonomimi features (animal characteristics) which provides some cuteness. There is a highly infectious disease called oripathy that is plaguing the land. Oripathy is fatal but can also enhance the ability to use Arts (magic). Those who are capable of battle are your operators, the characters you collect and deploy during battles. Que the gacha!
Operators come in 8 different classes each with specific roles and abilities. The game has a fair bit of strategic depth, requiring you to select operators who work well together and counter the enemy. The story is also compelling with militant groups waging war against governments due to the persecution of those infected with oripathy.
If the story sounds interesting and you are not much of a mobile gamer, the anime has you covered. Hypergryph released a nine minute Arknights anime video as part of their one year anniversary celebration. That may have been the spark for them to go all in and shortly after the anime adaptation was announced. The first two seasons follow the main story of the game and season 3 will likely follow suit. In addition, a spin-off miniseries titled Lee's Detective Agency was also created.

The Giddy, Sadistic and Unhinged W

Character design and development in Arknights is top notch with operators being diverse and interesting. One of the best hands down is W. W is introduced to the player as an antagonist in the early parts of the game, later becoming a supporting character. W is one of the most powerful Operators in the game and as a rare Sniper class Operator, highly sought after.
A mercenary whose laughter echoes amidst the chaos of combat, W is a force to be reckoned with. Her AoE, DPS, and Crowd-Control capabilities make her an invaluable asset in any team composition. She is a great character with a backstory shrouded in mystery. W was once a member of the Umbra Coven, a group of elite warriors who served as the enforcers of a powerful kingdom. However, she abandoned the coven for unknown reasons and disappeared from their ranks.

A Turn of Heart

Players are first introduced to W when she appears in a battle against Rhodes Island. After enough battling back and forth, she eventually offers up her services and signs a contract to be Rhodes Island’s newest mercenary. Her rebellious attitude and history of fighting against her now teammates cause a bit of friction between her and the other operators. W has a very carefree personality and can be pretty disrespectful at times. She often makes sarcastic and witty comments during missions and clashes with other Operators who she believes takes themselves too seriously. Her playful demeanor and combat prowess have made her a fan favorite among players.

Wanted: A Reflection of Notoriety

The Wanted Version skin for W is more than just an outfit; it's a statement. It's a nod to her past, her present, and the infamy that follows her. While not officially in the game, this skin can be considered canon. In 2023 at the yearly Ambience Synesthesia, a series of real-world concerts featuring Arknights' music, the song Wanted was performed and W was front in center (in cgi).

The design is a fun mix reflecting W's fun personality and acrobatic fighting capabilities. Apex is set to release a figure in early 2025 and the persona vibes it gives off are great! The base features a nicely sculpted magic hat with W popping out, ready for action. The color scheme along with the additions of playing cards, music notes and checkered pattern of the pedestal is whimsical. W is giving fans a show and pulling off a casino heist all at the same time.
The costume design is perfect for W. With a bit of leather and a dash of latex, we have a BDSM oriented visual. To keep things fun and playful, the frills along her skirt and devil tail balance it out to make it a bit softer. The red coloring underneath also does a fantastic job at breaking up the color palette and adding subtle visual interest.
The glossy thigh highs and gloves give the figure some sheen and are balanced by the tights. The pose pulls everything together nicely. With W popping out of the hat, ready to deal some cards we have a very dynamic look.
Apex also nailed W’s face. Her eyes and expression are superb.
From the front, her hat isn’t all that visible and sadly doesn't add much. From behind, you can fully take in the craftsmanship but you might be distracted by a different visual.
( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
Overall, Apex did an excellent job with this figure. It is a fun take on W and fits the character well. It is currently available for pre-order and if you are fast enough, you can receive a 15% discount as part of our early bird promotion.
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Richard M.

Great write up. I have the original W figure. She’s easily one of my favorites in the game, second only to Mostima (when in the world are we getting a figure for her??).

I actually didn’t like W at first. She felt like yet another Harley Quinn clone. Super chaotic, obnoxiously violent, and over the top with gags. But man, did the game prove me wrong. She’s more like Claudius from I, Claudius. She’s crafty, unassuming, and has way more planned out than I had thought. It’s like that old Chinese magician in the movie The Prestige with the fish bowl. W just has such a good long con going and it’s what flipped her for me as most hated to most loved character.

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